Finally SUCCESS! Hive PUM&PUD badges and SPK update!

I delayed posting this because usually on the 1st day of the month too many posts like this one keep popping up, but simply I cannot pass the opportunity to brag a bit about my achievements:

Last month, it was my first month trying to do a power-up every day, and I failed miserably on the 27th day, not because I forgot but because I woke up too early that day and did the powering up without checking the UTC time.

Now, there was more incentive to try it again, and I continued to do a $5 power-up every day. Nearly at the end of the month, it almost happened again, I woke up and did the powering up without checking the UTC time, lucky me that I did a recheck a bit later and fixed it.

@hivebuzz is always nice reminding you of what you did good every step of the way.

It looks like 29 other users did it for the month of August and it's always nice to see some friendly faces in there:
@arcange @blitzzzz @bombus @bradleyarrow @cezary-io @cursephantom @definethedollar @drlobes @eddwood @emeka4 @freed99 @hafiz34 @hivebuzz @ifarmgirl @imfarhad @jang @leeart @manuvert @mein-senf-dazu @michelmake @mjvdc @nomaddreamer @orionvk @papilloncharity @penyaircyber @ratel @rzc24-nftbbg @sammy00 @tydynrain


Since the 1st of September came, I went for a PUD as well, this was also my first one done on purpose even though I have done it before just by coincidence.

So if I add July+August everyday $5*60days plus the PUD of $100 that gives me a nice number of 400 powered-up Hive. But this is only half of what I have done, I bought the equivalent in hive-engine tokens that matter to me most and this is what my top 10 HE holdings look like.

Another nice reply I got from @hivebuzz is this one:

50000 here I come! 😎

And now just a little update on my SPK node that's running on the @carloaxie account, in my last post about it, there were 23 people who delegated Larynx to my node for a total amount of around 137K. Since then, the number 23 changed to 29 with a total amount of almost 200K delegated. THANK YOU, but I have to tag you all, in case you didn't claim your tokens for this month, why not go for it: @abbak7, @alinalazareva, @beststart, @bradleyarrow, @carloaxie, @chaosmagic23, @clicktrackprofit, @deepresearch, @devect, @elizabethbit, @fiberfrau, @gadrian, @horstman5, @ifarmgirl, @jimmy.adames, @jongolson, @kiel91, @matrixspinor, @meerliebe, @michelmake, @riccc96, @sandymeyer, @silvertop, @sorin.cristescu, @speak-scc, @syctyr, @tengolotodo, @tomsmaid, @tonyz!

I just realized that the total delegated amount should have been higher and I think it's lower now because, at the beginning of the a month, you can again claim the Larynx airdrop, and if you want to delegate that amount too, you can get confused and even lower your delegation. Take this example: If you delegated to me 1000 larynx, and this month you claimed another 200larynx and wand to add it to your delegation, first power them up, BUT this part is IMPORTANT, when you go to delegation again, if you type just 200 in your delegation field, your entire delegation will drop to 200. If you want to delegate the entire amount then you have to sum it up, 1000 from before plus the claimed 200, so you need to delegate 1200 in total. I think @tonyz did this by mistake, can you check your wallet and see if I'm right?

If anyone has difficulties with this, please drop a comment or send me a message on Discord drLobes#6382 and I'll help!

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Don't lose this opportunity, at some point later on you'll be asking yourself again why you didn't do it earlier!

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