May's Hive Progress


So this month wasn't as successful as last month, but it's still not bad. I made my expected amount of 70 HP in author rewards and exceeded my expectations for curation.


For this month I hope to exceed the previous month's amount and get 100 HP in author rewards and 25 in curation. It's going to be pretty hard but I'm sure with enough effort I can make it.

I'm kinda tired of being stuck as a little fish in this giant pond. It would be nice to climb a bit, especially since I've been here since the Steemit days. I kick myself for not taking enough advantage of my early entry. It took me like three years to figure out how to convert my Steem to BTC and fiat. It took lmost as long for me to figure out I should be powering up as much as possible. Damn, I'm slow lol.

Perhaps by the end of the year I can make it to dolphin? We'll see. How much HP does that take?

This month's token rewards weren't quite as good as before. I'm not sure if I forgot to use the tags or if they are just drying up. I'm pretty sure #vibes and #music4life are no longer working, though I have seen recent posts with rewards on there. My music videos just don't seem to post there. Could it be because I'm using 3Speak?


I'm almost not concerned about the tokens since I have a bunch in diesel pools, churning out more and more every day. I also almost feel like they are losing all their value in this bear market and it's super tempting to bail on them entirely.

But if I know anything about how this crypto thing works it's that you have to stay for the long haul no matter what the market does. Eventually it comes back, or shifts in a new direction with bigger and better tokens and projects. That's the biggest challenge to all of this, watching the shifts and making sure that you follow them in the right direction.

Anywho, that's my report for May. I hope everyone has an awesome June!




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