Exhausting Sunday

Yeah, I know it's bad.

I missed posting yesterday because surprise surprise another con. (It's my life now, maybe eventually I will get used to it.) I'll post pics from that as soon as I get them moved around.

After the exhaustion of yesterday I decided to fix some stuff around the house. Well, more like I had to. I'm trying to take advantage of the insane housing market and get a home equity loan. I'm mainly getting it to fix up the house. Unfortunately, in order to get the loan to fix the things you have to fix the things first. Fun times.

First on the agenda was some wood that was pulling out from under a window. This was fairly simple, I just tapped it back in and then just caulked the crack shut.


Then I had a slightly more difficult task, painting all of the soffits. According to the appraiser the paint was flaking and even though the soffits were replaced and painted sometime in the early 2000's, apparently it could still contain lead. πŸ™„ Sometimes health and safety nonsense drives me up the wall. But it needed to be painted anyway. So I got some cheaper paint than I would have gotten with the loan and painted it.


Then came the "fun" part. My back porch was completely falling apart after years of Florida weather. I was going to wait until I could replace it with a patio, but of course it's a safety hazard (this time it actually was a safety issue).

First, the steps, because I had to attach them to the house.





My yard is a disaster, probably should spend fewer weekends at cons.

That was the most strenuous thing I had to do all day. After that one, I did the "easy" task, painting the bathroom ceiling above the shower. This of course was another case of "lead paint" even though it was actually the popcorn ceiling peeling from the humidity.


So that's today. Back to work tomorrow. Is there ever a break? Nope. πŸ˜‚ Keep watching for con pics, eventually I'll get a space in my time.






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