A Little Complaint

It's been a rough week for all of us. Hell, life has been rough for awhile. I hate whining about it, but damn, numbers haven't been this bad in what seems like a decade.

I've given up on trying to get to 5000 HP by the end of the year. I've even given up on checking my stats or watching Diesel pools. My time is valuable, and chasing tiny specks of cash has gotten old.

Posting is still great, though even that can be difficult lately. My creativity is dry, and watching hours of work receive little interest from the community is discouraging. I'm not talking about rewards, or even upvotes, those have always fluctuated, it just feels like Hive has changed in the last month or so.

Maybe I'm not looking in the right places, but I'm not seeing the same initiatives and optimistic excitement that used to set Hive apart from all the other blockchains. Even the infighting drama between whales seems to have died down.

Does anyone still care about this place? Or has it just become another Steemit, a place where a million people post crap for pennies and only a select few characters post crap for large sums?

Of course, we are all making pennies now. Every market sucks at the moment, or in the case of housing, will suck very soon. I'm not optimistic about the short term. I can only hope that governments and bad actors will get their acts together (ie get out of the way) very soon and let chips fall where they may. Only then can markets get to work cleaning up the disaster.

As for Hive, I honestly don't know what is going to pick us back up. It seems we are not immune to the forces of all other cryptos. When Bitcoin crashes, Hive goes down with it. So much for the claim that this blockchain is different somehow. Markets affect markets, and even in this sphere we are not immune to economic forces.

We can't forget fundamentals about money. Money is a means of exchange, NOT a wealth in and of itself. Having a million dollars doesn't make one rich, the purchasing power of that million makes one rich. If the purchasing power of the dollar goes down, so does the wealth potential of one million of those dollars.

What is the purchasing power of Hive?

If we want to keep Hive valuable we have to use it. The same applies to all currencies, crypto or otherwise. Money can't simply sit as a reserve of digits in a ledger and expect to hold it's value forever. We have to find ways of making Hive a means of exchange. We have to spend Hive for real goods and services, not just "rewards" for "good" (connected to the right people) content.

We also must limit the supply. When I first joined, way back in the Steemit days, I was under the impression that the supply was severely limited by design. Only so many tokens would ever be created, and as such each token would become more valuable as the supply was dispursed throughout a bigger and bigger economy. This doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Maybe it's second layer tokens? Maybe it's all the forks? Maybe I'm crazy but the token supplies attached to Hive seem to have massively inflated.

Massively inflated useless tokens are worthless.

Perhaps someone can give me hope and explain exactly how we are going to do the two things necessary to increase the value of Hive. How are we going to increase the demand for Hive by making it a useful means of exchange? How are we going to decrease the supply of Hive to make it a more scarce resource?







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