The final day with Ecency??? hehehe ... nope! DreemPort Challenge day!

If you recall, early this week I gave you all the criteria for today's final challenge with Ecency!

But I have to tell you something.... turns out - Ecency and DreemPort were not quite ready to part ways just yet! hehehehe

We WILL be moving to a new community next month (after our break week, of course! After all that energy with Ecency - we NEED it, hmm? lol) and of course - our spotlight will be shining RIGHT on that community! Because we give ALL our hearts when we go to visit a community!

But Ecency said they would love to be a part of it! The community agreed - and we are gonna see what's what in just another week! hehehehe

AFTER... our nice long break! (so enjoy it, please hehehe)

Of course you want to know what community we are going to! But.... you know that we like to surprise you! It just makes it more FUN hehehe So- keep your ears to the ground! Maybe we'll give out some hints next week and reward anyone who can figure it out??? maybe? maybe! lol


How did this month impact me?

hmmmm I've been saying it all along, so you are probably sick of me saying it! hahaha But - this month was really special. And I think the fact that Ecency wanted to stay with us a bit longer - is just proof that I'm not the only one who felt it. It just felt like a huge family reunion after a long time apart - but we just got together!!! so... figure that one out?? hehee

It renewed my hope for a happy Hive! It gave me a peek into a peaceful Hive! It gave me giggles for a joyful Hive! hahahah From all the generosity pouring everywhere from all kinds of overflows - started by @unklebonehead's #leadingwithgenerosity - to the banners of creativity showering one another (and more) with tips and kindness - to seeing engagement - GENUINE engagement thriving. It was just unique and lovely. I loved every moment! Thank you Ecency!!! Thank you Dreemers!!!

Did I feel more connected?

Well - I think the last answer says it all - so... YES! HEHEHE

Did I try new things that I'll continue to use?

hehehe have you seen my sweet banner??? Heck yeah I'm gonna use that! Tipping Ecency points is one of the BEST things that I learned this challenge! I already knew about boosts - but the tipping??? What an amazing secret that was!!! I will be using that LOOOONG into the future! hehehe

Will my Lovelution Revolution continue?

I can't speak for anyone else - but it is not stopping. We have a platform to care for and there is no better way to care for it than with love, joy and peace! As I said before, this is just the beginning! And don't forget, we have rewards coming for everyone who participated in this month's challenge. Be sure to drop your post TODAY so that you can shower in the overflow!❤️

Lovelution Revolution image, designed by @dreemsteem using free Canva assets. Anyone is free to use this if they like! No need to give any attribution, just spread the ❤️

Sad embrace by Alexas_Fotos

Heart shaped hands from PhotoMix

Fireflies image by Barbara Alane

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