Our Mystery Bee on Hive... I love him/her? hehe (which is it?!?!)

I think it really costs us very little to spread joy.

I have been talking about this to several people this week, and then something happened that just totally brightened my day! It was the sweetest little hug, that came out of nowhere - and aren't those the best???

You might get used to seeing those little notifications on your posts - CONGRATULATIONS @DREEMSTEEM, YOU JUST REACHED ANOTHER ACHIEVEMENT!!

And maybe you think - oh.. bot. boring! ignore. LOL

But you know - I think how we treat people (and even bots) says a lot about our personality! I sometimes hear how people speak harshly to Alexa - cuz they think they're being funny - and to me, it just seems wrong. It seems so unnecessary to vent frustrations in cruelty to anything - whether a person, an animal - or even a bot! lol Not because I think they have feelings! LOL but because I truly think it displays a lot of underlying things in your own spirit. I just think it takes moments to be kind - so why not use every opportunity to train yourself!

This was my mentality when I started just "thanking" @hivebuzz for their little encouragements years ago! Because truly - those gamified stats DO help me to push a little harder! I recently got 2 new weekly badges for posting everyday - and I know @shadowspub has REALLY been diligent and has gotten her monthly badge and is even going for the YEARLY badge! I didn't even know they HAD that... GO SHADOWS GO!!!

So... imagine my surprise... LOL

When @hivebuzz started talking back to me! LOL I thought OH MY GOSH - this is a real person!!! And then it became a little game with me. Just a way to bring a little sunshine to their day. After all, it's gotta be exhausting just dealing with stats, and trying to encourage Hivers - and people not even realizing that you are REAL. LOL

I don't always thank, and I don't always stop what I'm doing to say hi. One - I want to keep it light and random - so our bee doesn't get tired of me LOL and Two - sometimes I just don't get to it! hehehe

The other day, I decided to step it up with a little poem! LOL I was just being silly and dropped a message back to their announcement of my new badge...

I thought that would just make our little Hive bee giggle. But that bee had other plans for me!!!

This is what I got in return!

Not only did I get a poem back... (which had me cracking up and TOTALLY made my day!!) but that special buzzy bee even sent me some LUV! 😍

So... two things... no.. three!

  1. Be kind to all you see, including bees hehe. You don't have to write a poem every time - but that's a real person right there! And they do what they can to make HIVE just a big brighter, a bit more encouraging, a bit more lovely!

  2. Did you know that @hivebuzz lost their funding? If you go here.. you can upvote their proposal, if you'd like to support what they do! And sometimes you THINK you have supported it, but it might be a new proposal? Why not check! 👉CHECK HERE👈

  3. I JUST SAW that there are TWO people who are responsible for the "communications" portion of @hivebuzz. DO NOT TELL ME if it's a boy or a girl! hehehe or who it is! I love having the mystery of it - and I just like knowing its a bee!!! 🐝 that's enough for me! I'm happiest in the sea! hee hee hee hee HEEE!

That's all 😃

Hope you have the #bestdayever

oh - and of course, in honor of my buzzy bee friend, I made the cover image of a Dreemie girl sharing a moment with her favorite bee! hehee (made with my Midjourney subscription) what do you think @riverflows? hahaha - do NOT ask me how long I spent on this one! LOLOL I will divide it by 10 and STILL lie. LOLOLOL

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