less than 8 hours, Dreemers

I love Dreemer energy.

I love that we just do our own thing.

I love that there is no rat race, there is no snobbery, there is no blood-thirsty backstabbing. Its just fun. just love. just chill. just dreeming.

Today is my day off, and I'm sitting here on top of my bed, with the heat on. Drinking tea. Looking out my famous window (where I do all my dreeming hehe) and just thinking about this 2023.

I told the Dreem Teem last year that this year was going to be critical. That it would determine how DreemPort would continue. And I'm really pleased to see how it flowed.

I used to STRESS. a lot. I used to be super impatient. (Now i'm only sorta impatient 🤭) but I learn. I keep learning. And I'm enjoying our slow, adorable, sloth-like growth.

Lots of projects soar into stardom and then fizzle out so fast, leaving nothing but ash in the air. But I love our slow burn.


I also love that we have bursts of energy, and flashes of fun!

Cuz that is just addictive and filled with giggles for me

and on that note - you dreemers have less than 8 hours to get your EXTRA digs for the DIGFEST tomorrow.

Remember what this means!!!

You are collecting digs (CHANCES) to scoop up as many EXTRA DIGS (lets call them GOLDEN DIGS) for our END OF THE YEAR TREASURE HUNT in December.

In our Treasure Hunts, you can normally purchase ONLY UP TO 10 digs. We do this to keep it fair and fun!

But -

for our END OF THE YEAR December Treasure Hunt.... it's SPECIAL.

We are going to have

  • NO WHAMMIES. (They go away for Christmas and often as they're running away, they let all their stolen DREEM fall from their pockets... so lucky you - you get DREEM in their place!)

  • EXTRA DIGS ON TOP OF THE 10!!! (we will call these Golden Digs) These are what you will be hunting for tomorrow at the Diggity-DigFest! You can either KEEP these Golden Digs - so you have MORE than 10 Digs to use for the December Treasure Hunt.... or... maybe you think you have bad luck in the hunts - and you'd rather go for the sure thing??? ok! you can sell them to other dreemers! (more to follow on this!)

  • MORE prizes. yep... more.

  • NOTHING is rolling over. EVERY SINGLE large prize in the December Treasure Hunt will be won. NOTHING rolls over into 2024. We want you to clean out our wallets by the end of 2023! hehehe

so... I hope you scooped up all your chances for tomorrow's DigFest!!! You'll be looking for GOLDEN DIGS to show up for you! You will have a 50/50 chance!!! so the more chances you have to dig them up tomorrow - the better!

8 hours left!

Have you done all you can to earn them???

If not... go back to 👀THIS POST HERE to find out how you can earn as many chances as possible in our DIGGITY DIGFEST tomorrow!!!

Have any questions? drop into the DREEMPORT DISCORD CHANNEL to ask away! 😘

Thanks to @shadowspub, @penderis, @bluefinstudios, @kemmyb, @wesphilbin, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971, @silversaver888, @lizelle, @kenechukwu97, @jacoalberts, @acgalarza, @blackdaisyft and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

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