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I feel bad for my partner @beeber! hehehe She has a community leader to partner with, and that meant that my OWN POST is one of the last to go into the site today!

But it's ok! Because we are really doing this for the fun, and we really dont' want to share in the rewards - but we DO want a piece of all the joy you are sharing! so share share share with us! hehehe

ok I'm going to give you 5 funny facts about me hehehe

and then - you can all just have fun! LOL

  • One time I went down a massive waterslide. I was holding onto the "sled" for dear life, because it was fast and steep with big bumps. Three to be exact! My bathing suit was getting older, and the straps weren't as tight as they used to be. On the first bump, my right strap fell over my shoulder. On the second bump, the left strap fell over the other shoulder. On the third bump. I gave them all a show. #MORTIFIED. The sled was still going so fast, that I was too scared to let go and adjust my suit. So I literally slid into the "runway" - completely topless. There is one more embarrassing detail about this. because - of course there is. In order to let the older people rest, there was a small set of bleachers at the base of the runway for them to sit, and enjoy watching people glide in. Two older men were sitting there watching my entire glide. When I finally slowed enough to peel my fingers from the sled, I grabbed my suit and ran past - but not fast enough. I heard the one lean over to the other and say, "Well I never saw that happen before." ughhhhhhhh!

  • One time, when I was little - we went to the fair. There was this table that spun, with little slots for a mouse to run in. Probably about 100 "colors" that you could bet on - that he might run to. I chose "candy apple red". My dad said - no no - I don't think he's gonna go there. Choose another one. I did. The mouse ran to Candy Apple Red. My dad felt bad! So he told me to choose again. I chose Candy Apple Red. My dad - again, said - there are 100 slots here to choose from. The chances of him picking THAT ONE again - is so very rare. Pick another one. I did. That damn mouse ran to Candy Apple Red again. My dad just took my hand and let me away grumbling hahahaha

  • I have a scream reflex that doesn't shut off easily. It sounds funny - but I assure you its pretty embarrassing and annoying. Especially in movie theaters. And most hilarious (to my family) when we are in those sudden drop rides - (that go up soooooooo ridiculously high!!! and then just DROOOOOOOOP!) I LOVE THEM. but i'm terrified. and when it starts going up - I start rambling nonsense at the TOP OF MY LUNGS! and i can't make myself stop hahahahaha My daughter thinks its VERY funny. I think its funny ONCE I'M ON THE GROUND again. But when i'm being lifted higher and higher - my brain has a mind of its own and I just keep SCREAMING random things. hahahahahahaha see? now I can laugh! hahaha

  • I tore my ACL when I went skiing at 12. I ended up sending my skis down the mountain, and crawling down LOLOL THE MOUNTAIN. oh my gosh LOL it was my first time skiing ever - and my friend took me up on the hard slopes. I know it wasn't black diamond hahaa but something in between bunny slopes and THE SIDE OF THE FREAKING MOUNTAIN. hahahaha I didn't know i tore my ACL. it was sore for three days, but then I ended up strengthening the muscles all around it, doing crazy gymnastics and jumps as a cheerleader for 4 years and martial arts for those same 4 years lol. When I was 30, my friend (another damn friend) was playing with me, wrestled me - ON ICE SKATES - until we both went down on the ice with peals of laughter. Except - i also heard a POP. I now have about 10% of my ACL left. LOL thanks to FRIENDS. hahaha My doctor says it will eventually tear completely - but until then, hey - 10% is better than 0? kinda. Not really when the loose part gets stuck in between the hinge of my kneecap and tugs. Not really then. BUT EVERY OTHER TIME yeahhhhhhhhhhh! lol

  • My mother named me after a fictional character from a movie. Both my legal name, and my nickname (that everyone calls me). Many people don't know my legal name - because I never use it. Many people think my nickname is my real name. It is actually nowhere on my birth certificate hahaha It's simply a nickname - unrelated to my legal name. (not like Jenny is short for Jennifer. These names are completely unrelated). The only thing that ties them together - is the fictional character. Her family called her by her legal name - and all her friends called her this other nickname. The character never had a middle name, and my mother thought my legal name was too beautiful to take anything away from it. So, I never got a middle name either. Until, I turned 12. She decided - wouldn't it be nice to have a middle name that matched the first. Sure - I said, but I am very sentimental. It would have to be FULL of meaning for me, and something special. She said - how about we choose your great grandmother's maiden name. It is also French, and will flow so beautifully with your first name. Sure, I said. I started to use it, and soon it was EVERYWHERE legal. Several years later, my mother told me "Ooops. It turns out - that was not your grandmother's maiden name. Where in the world did I hear it?? I can't remember." And then - it hit her. It was the fictional character's last name. I wish you could see my face right now. 😒

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What do you think? Enough about me? LOL

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