Do you see what I see?

The best secrets are simply hidden in plain sight! We see them, and we THINK we know what is there - so we never question it!

The other day @melinda010100 told me something about Ecency...
and now I'm going to share it with you - because I BET you thought you knew what this was... LOL but you had no idea!

If you've used Peakd as a front end, I'm sure you've seen this before! It was one of the FIRST things I loved using to surprise people on their posts!!! the TIPPING option! While your UPVOTE is something you can use everyday and does NOT come from your wallet.... TIPS come from your balance and actually deduct from your wallet. The nice thing - you can give whatever you want!!! The drawback - you are limited if you have limited funds.

So... here we are, can you see where you give a hive tip on this screenshot?

And... you can see it here, right? Where is your best guess?

HERE, RIGHT???? hehehe wrong! I THOUGHT SO TOO! I thought it was just the normal tipping gift box that I was so used to seeing on Peakd!!

But look at what it ACTUALLY is on the Ecency front end!!!!

YOU GUYS!!!! IT TIPS ECENCY POINTS!!!!!!! What in the world??? hahahah HOW did I not make that OBVIOUS correlation???

The GREAT thing about this - is that when I want to boost - I can boost form 150 points to 500. But as you can see... hahaha My balance is 428 right now (I had a LOT of fun with boosting 😆) So I only have enough to boost 2 people right now at 150 each. But....

If I want to give TIPS to a bunch of people??? I can do that at any level! I can give out 50 points to 10 people (Kinda like @dartsauron did for a bunch of people last week!!!) He was really anticipating doing that - but... I think he actually used the GIFT option!

And you can do that! But how fun is this?? You're right on the post, and BOOM! You drop some extra goodies there

It's quick, easy, fun, and it's a way to spread your generosity around to a lot of people in small little bursts! Totally sustainable. Totally loving!

ok - so here is the deal! hehehe

You all MIGHT have noticed @melinda010100 dropping her "CHECK YOUR WALLET, YOU HAVE A TIP!" BANNER. hahahaha

Now... it's up to YOU to make YOUR own banner.

Here is mine!!

Just have fun! Be creative! Bring your style to your creation. No need to drop this into DreemPort! Will be SO fun to see your banners LIGHTING UP Hive as you drop tips here and there! hehehe Can't wait to spot you on the platform!!!

Fireflies image by Barbara Alane

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