Enjoy Your Week of Rest...and Be Kind!!

It's Our Rest Week, and...Here is a Peek at What You can Expect for Our New Challenge!

Can you believe it? Here we are...entering our rest week after a super-amazing collaboration with CWH!!

Thank you to all of you for supporting our collaboration with CWH this last month!

We are so impressed with the amazing posts that were submitted during this collaboration...wow!!

I think we can all say "goal achieved"! All the posts we have read, are truly pin-worthy posts indeed! And that was exactly what we were trying to achieve.

It is amazing what we are capable of when we start pushing ourselves, don't you agree?

And especially by taking our time, properly thinking, designing, editing, re-writing...and eventually coming up with that pin-worthy Master Piece! What an experience!

Time to Rest, but...

Yes, it's time to rest! You all deserve to rest and you should enjoy your well-deserved rest! You earned it!

But remember...we don't take breaks from being kind...LOL!

And...let me give you a little hint of where we are going for the month of March...

We have been invited by @gregscloud to join his KINDNESS community in an exiting collaboration in March!

Even though you can (and should) rest during this week, we want you to get ready.

So, for the first time, we're going to ask you to do something during your rest week...

During your rest week, we want you to think about what kindness means to you!

You don't have to write anything...till next Monday. But for this week, let your mind go...

Kindness. What is kindness? How do you experience kindness. How can you show kindness to other people? How important is kindness to you? Do you think there is a shortage of kindness in the world? Do you think the world can become a better place if we can show kindness?

You can, if you want to, but you don't have to write anything this week.

But, on Monday, March 4, it will be the due date for the first post on the first day of this challenge and you can put your thoughts in writing and submit your post.

So, seeing that we're going into the month with the KINDNESS community, we'll have a full month of kindness...and even during this week of rest, before we officially start the challenge, let's just think about kindness and let it prepare us for what's coming in the new month!


Enjoy your week of rest!

Then, start by being kind to yourself, followed by thinking what kindness means to you and those around you.

While doing the above, watch this space to get all the info you need about this exiting challenge. As more information becomes available, we will share it with you here!

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