Ecency DreemPort Challenge : Week 2 details!

Here are your guidelines for this week!

If you have read the "LET YOUR WELL OVERFLOW" post - then you know what this week is all about: GENEROSITY!!!

So you want to know what you're doing???

We are teaming up your teams!!!


You are now - teams of FOUR! Anyone who was not-so-active - is WELCOME to come back this week - but you will need to get your OWN team of four! hahaha We want to be sure that the people who are really committed to working together have people on their team that are EQUALLY COMMITTED!


Here are the teams!!!

(Some staff have needed to be eliminated so that we have equal teams... sorry guys! LOL You can still have fun though - just join in!!!!)


Find your name - and get to know your other 3 teammates! You might already know one - if they were your partner LAST week! You can visit and plan with them in the ecency discord - or in the DreemPort discord - or anywhere you like!

You can even just have fun with each other in the comment section!


Remember - the focus is not on what YOU are earning this week (but feel VERY FREE to KEEP earning those amazing Ecency points!) BUT THE FOCUS IS TO BE GENEROUS ALL OVER HIVE AND LET THAT OVERFLOW TO OTHERS... and hopefully start a LOVElution.

see what I did there? I made it! hehe feel free to use it if you like LOL

This week we are NOT focusing on posts written.

We are focusing on LOVE given!

Remember - these are SUGGESTIONS.
If you do not want to use your points this way - feel free to do as YOU like!

  • Day 1: Use some points to boost someone on your team! (Would kinda be fun if you each assigned who will boost whom - so no one is left out! hehe)

  • Day 2: Boost-a-newbie day. hahaha Think how awesome it would have felt if someone boosted YOUR post when you were new!

  • Day 3: Choose a community for your TEAM to boost 4 posts, one from each of you! You can introduce yourself and say why you're there - or you can just do it quietly and more in the "background".

  • Day 4: Boost-a-buddy! Maybe someone you have been missing! Maybe an old friend who needs a hug on their post! Maybe a new friend that you want to surprise! Just have FUN with the love!!!

  • Day 5: TELL US ALL ABOUT YOUR WEEK. Write a paragraph on EACH person you chose to boost, show us their post, tell us why THAT person earned your boost! SUBMIT THIS POST (preferably using Ecency! but not necessary) to DREEMPORT by 5pm PST on Friday!

YOU CAN ENTER DREEMPORT WITH YOUR NORMAL POSTS EVERY DAY IF YOU LIKE. or - you can of course, enter an older post! But... only if you have time!! hehehe We are always there for you - but no pressure!!!

Any questions??? You know where to find us! Tag @dreemsteem, or jump into the Discord server - and ask away!

Can't wait to have fun with you this weeeeeek!

Also - be EXPECTING your PARTY FAVOR REWARDS coming in your wallets in the next 12 hours - from our SUPER SECRET PARTY LAST FRIDAY!!!

What do you think? LOVElution time??? LOL

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

(Feel free to use this image sourcing banner on your posts if you like!)


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