DreemPort's Weekly X League... Winners Announcement


As most of you already know, engaging with us on DreemPort's X (Twitter) account is a really good way to earn extra DREEM tokens.

Yeah! DreemPort is giving away DREEM tokens weekly for engaging with our Tweets/Posts on Twitter.

This may be the easiest way to earn more DREEM tokens and walk into our Rich list, so take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy the engagement adventure.

How does it work?

We don't enjoy overcomplicating something that's already meant to be simple. Since we are running this on Twitter, we will stick with their status quo;

  • Like

  • Retweet

  • Comment? As far as it's not spam, each user can get 1 point for commenting on each tweet we publish.

  • Mention? If you mention us in a tweet that's relevant to content creation, we will also engage in those tweets. And, you can earn 1 point per day for that in our engagement league.

Each engagement on the tweets we post over there will be collated each weekend and the accounts that top the engagement league will each be rewarded with 50 DREEM token for the week.

The essence of this engagement league is to encourage every Dreemer to participate in promoting our activities outside the blockchain. So far, we are using Twitter for this and we want to gain traction for DreemPort on Twitter.

For this to be successful, we need the contributory effort of EVERY DREEMER. Remember that while you participate, you are also shining light on yourself as a quality content creator. It's a good way to build your X profile if that pleases you. Fair play to those who are already engaging with us on X. Y'all are amazing!

Engagement League Winners and Winnings.

We've already collated the points you earned in this 42nd week of our X league;

We got 152 activity count from 27 Dreemers.

The top 5 Dreemers in this week of our X engagement league will get 50 Dreem Reward, each. They are;


All winnings are already paid to each Dreemer that made it to the top 5 position for the week.


Are you ready to join this week's edition of the contest?

It's easy! Keep your eyes on DreemPort's Twitter Account and enjoy every week of this Dreemie X Engagement Adventure.

Don't miss it.

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