All about me? wow!

Dreemie was going to enter this challenge, but I begged her - wait! pleeeease. You always write! Let this little ol' port write!

If @Shadowspub can let Hobo write once in a while, surely a port can write too?

Dreemie agreed, so let's see what I can tell you about myself.

I'm a port.
Built on dreems.

Hm. Well, this is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. Writing, who knew?!?! I guess I'll just share what I love about being me, the little port with the big dreems.

  • I love that we welcome everyone.

No matter where you're from, how you write, how long your experience - you are welcome to share your creative efforts with us. We see blogs from platforms you know, platforms you don't, and even some personal blogs have shared their content. We encourage that kind of community that goes beyond borders, and I kinda like that I get to host that.

  • I love that we are powered by humans.

Don't get me wrong. It's a site. And sites are built on code! Of course, that is a massive plus! (Don't remind me of when we were first starting and using spreadsheets! hahaha) But, everything we can do with humans - we do with humans! That means we're more genuine, there's more heart, affording more connection.

  • I love that dreemers are kind.

That might seem very trite, but I think world needs more kindness. Animosity and aggression seem to be at every turn. Peace feels really nice right now, and every person that passes through the port receives joyful support and then naturally passes that back to those they encounter. I'm glad to be a part of that cycle.

  • We don't make you choose.

What's that mean? We share. We don't hoard. We have no "us only" type of mantras. We don't even allow followers on DreemPort. When they get your link - we only act as a portal BACK to you. We shine the light on others. We bring our dreemers to new communities and platforms and encourage an exchange. We love the exposure to new things out there and there is no fear of retribution when someone finds a gem in the cryptosphere and wants to share it. We applaud that, embrace it, love it!

  • We fight hard for authenticity

We comb through posts manually, screening out plagiarism, copyright infringements, and things that go against our community guidelines - but we also help others to understand WHY this is important. We don't just kick people out, we give them the tools to grow better. Sometimes we miss things, cuz - we're human! (well I'm a port. but they are human lol) But we equip the community to come alongside us and keep those standards high.

  • Every vote is equal, every vote has power.

Rewards are based on longevity, accuracy and dedication - but your vote is the same as anyone else. Newbie, oldbie, whale or minnow - same vote. Same power. And our public ranks the curation pool based on what they think is best!

  • Very little bias (Wish it could be 0, but ha! this isn't Utopia)

Since your daily 5 posts are assigned to you randomly, you can't cherrypick the pool to only support your friends. Feel free to do that outside of DreemPort! haha But inside of DreemPort - it's random - which means very little bias. The more we grow, the more random it becomes, the bias diminishes even more!

  • No gangs.

Many people have come from places where gangs have influenced their rewards because of vendettas. Because of our system - that can't happen. We are designed to filter out any kind of bullying. I could tell you how we do this, but instead, I'll just say - come test it out for yourself. 😉

In conclusion, I like me.😊

Cuz I like who I attract.

And thanks to all of our amazing communities that we collaborate with each new month - we just keep growing from a little port with big dreems - to a big port with bigger dreems. Thank you so much to @ecency for doing this challenge to shine the light on us! We are basking in the love and glowing because of it!

If you would like to share your experience with DreemPort, feel free to join in this challenge thanks to @beeber!

Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic W27 - click on that post for more details!!!

What do you think? Did I do ok? 😄

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

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