This time Translating decktop Ecency to Polish

Hello every one

My Contrubution To The Project Translating decktop Ecency English to Polish ( My language).

There are 3,520 strings, phrases, to be translated here, so there are some of them.
It will take some time to translate and accept them all.


Check on your own:

Today I was able to translate over 207 strings, phrases


I would have gone much faster and more if not for the constant logging out of the system Crowdin.
It turns out that he didn't like me today and he did it very difficult for me.

Certainly, from tomorrow onwards, I will take up this challenge and complete it in 100%.


I believe that Ecency has a very large potential and I noticed that there are very intelligent people behind it who are constantly developing the program, making it open to the whole world, looking at the number of languages that they want to introduce on their website and applications. Interactions with users.

Even the mere permission for users to engage in the development of, as in this case, translations into their native languages deserves admiration and applause in my eyes. Because this way of involving the community is probably very positive?

What do you think about it?


I want to use the translated page with my help, in my language.
This will by just satisfaction.
And you can tell about it to others.

See you soon .

In the next part of the story