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Good Morning Ecency and many of my Dreem Teems. I say it in advance because soon, we'd be teeming up with new people. I anticipate it. I wonder who my mate is going to be. I sure hope it's someone I get along with... Hahaha.

I am writing my first post as an entry to the Ecency-Dreempory July challenge. While writing this, I have to be honest and say that I'm not feeling really well. I may have to go get myself checked. Been having pains all over with a headache.

This is a screenshot of my Ecency points currently. I say that this challenge came just in time because, I've always wanted to explore Ecency but didn't have the right incentives. With this now, I see my self more on the app. Yes. The app.

I downloaded the application months back because I wanted to explore the potentials of this particular front. This happened way back in my Newbies Task days and I never got to it. I was too comfortable on PeakD.

Reading @dreemsteem's post on how fun Ecency can be once you get the hang of it, I felt more inclined to really dive into this unexplored interest of mine.

I made a post using Ecency on Saturday due to the malfunction of PeakD. It wasn't easy but I'm sure that's only because I fully haven't grasped the whole concept of Ecency.

Now that this is out of the way, I'll Like to say one or two things about me. My partner may be reading this right now.


Deraa is famously known as Divinemercy offline.

Maybe someday, I can give the whole story behind my name. Hehehe. Only to my partner though.

Deraa is a ChlorPhleg with a touch of Mel. She enjoys the simple things of life and is passionate about her dreams and goals. She is reserved but outgoing when the occasion rises. She is optimistic and revels in her small wins and achievements. She is also an avid reader– who gets lazy at times– and loves to write and communicate her thoughts on paper. She's sometimes at a loss for words and seen as closed off but trust when I say, it takes just one right word to get her to open up. She's passionate about her christian faith and enjoys deep conversations that go as far as even mythology– even if she has no idea what it entails. She just loves to listen and add to her knowledge. She's also a goner for good music. She's also a foodie.

She enjoys time away with a small group of friends and most especially, family. She came on Hive in search of greener pastures and has found something more valuable instead; friends and ability.

Hahaha. That's all. For now. My partner would get to know more about me. That's for sure and I look forward to knowing a lot about them as well. I really hope to make a new friend and perhaps meet outside Hive? I don't know. Hehehe.

Here we go ...

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