Day 2 - Controversial law

The controversial law caused students and workers to hold massive demonstrations in most cities in Indonesia, and even arson and destruction of public facilities were caused by the anger of the demonstrators because members of the DPR RI did not want to meet with mass action, many police stopped government offices, causing clashes between the demonstrators and the police. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ The articles highlighted by students and workers include:

  1. Full Requirement Minimum Wage
  2. Severance pay is reduced
  3. Lifetime Outsourcing
  4. Excessive Working Time
  5. New compensation for at least 1 year
  6. Missing leave entitlement
  7. Indefinite Employment Contract

These are the articles that create massive demonstrations that have taken place in several big cities in Indonesia by students and workers to demand justice in this country. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ This demonstration is still happening to this day because the chairman of the DPR RI does not want to meet with the students to discuss it further, which is feared because it is the demonstration that will get bigger and bigger each day with the increasing number of people who make more people to do demonstrations .