Fear of Sharing

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Our subconscious is filled with many fears. Each fear is terrifying in its own way. Fear of heights, food, insects, etc. But where do these fears come from? Some come from childhood, others from past lives if you believe in these things, and others when we are faced with a situation beyond our control.

Closing yourself

Many people, from a young age, are used to closing in on themselves. They may not have had friends or parents to share with or were laughed at when they did. They close their emotions inside themselves and seal their essence in a stone barrier that grows thicker with time.

Sooner or later, however, it all comes to an end. It can be through actions, and it can be through art. You are not alone in this world. You are not alone in this world. There is always someone to talk to, he may be a stranger to you, but to religious people, he is the Great Father.

It has different names and different manifestations, and it could just be energy. But think about it before you say that religion is just fiction. Energy does not die. At least this has already been proven. Even if you don't believe in God, his energy merged with the Earth when he died. It goes a little against all beliefs, but it's a small step in finding the truth.

You may not believe in the supernatural, but it is all around us. Natural wonders, plants, and flowers need rain and noble soil but grow in the desert or between stones. Energies we see, in the evening, as glowing orbs. The world is too inexplicable for us to be blind to faith. Why not also believe in God? With strong faith, much is achieved.

Now try to share your pain with prayer. You're relieved, aren't you? If you are not, share again. He's out there somewhere, listening to you. Take it into your heart, no matter the name. Don't expect anything in return. Just let your tears and pain speak. He will be there when you most need it, without asking for help.

I don't want to talk.

Everyone has used this expression in their life. He doesn't want to speak, and he doesn't like to share what's wrong with him. Yes, some people like to do it to be the center of attention. They use lies or a hard case to turn all eyes on them. Think about the expression, and now look back. How often have you said it and then sat ready to write a message or call someone to tell them? What are you afraid of? Will they laugh at you or tell you, "don't bother me with your problems." Maybe! Share, don't be scared.

This will make it easier for you, and if the person decides not to deal with it, he is not the right person. However, be sure of them because some people may use your words against you. I also recently stood like that, wondering if I should share my grief, but I didn't have to. She herself understood me.

When I had forgotten my faith, in anything and especially religion, she reminded me. She doesn't know me in real life, and she doesn't know everything I've done and been through. She's just herself. Good human. The world needs such people.

Even being alone doesn't mean no one can't hear you. If you have something important to say, you can do it through art or writing. It's not said that you have to hide everything inside you, but one magical power is much more powerful. Faith. No matter what you believe in, God, aliens, or other dimensions. Your faith can change everything. Free yourself from all the painful things you harbor.

Let our children not grow up in a terrible world. Together we can make it better. It is our destiny to
suffer from the past, to long for the future, but to forget the present.
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