Dreemport Ecency Challenge

And here comes Monday. Grrrrr! You've just settled in front of the telly on a Friday night with a bottle of wine and tons of chips…
And the damn phone alarm rings like an angry wife ready to ruin your time. Well, at least it's time for a dreemport challenge. It's not like chips and wine, but it'll do.

How do you feel about the challenge?

It's hard to say it's my first time. Imagine a nun watching 365 days or 50 shades, that's what I feel. Something really exciting is about to happen.


Introduce yourself:

An old man with a child's mind who writes children's books. With the body of a god - Thor in Endgame. Living in the world of books and magic. With constant stage fright, even behind the computer.


Three fun facts about me?

My appearance early in the morning before coffee.
I'm not allowed to talk at work because everyone starts laughing when I do. I don't know, I always say some nonsense or an inappropriate joke at the wrong time.🙊
For example, at work, one of the bosses looks like a character from "Snow White". I never know he walked past my desk.
Today, for example, he walked by just as I was telling another inappropriate joke...
"Why do dwarves laugh as they run..."
Do you know the answer? Well, he didn't know it either, apparently, the grass hadn't tickled his b...s 🏀in a long time.
I am so funny that at birth the doctor asked my mother - Is this a joke?
He was blind in one eye. 🥺

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