It Was Either This Or Leave it Blank

I like Bluetooth speakers that don't hmmmmmm when they're plugged in. I like coffee creamer, the poisonous kind, not poisonous candles, poisonous creamer. I like non-poisonous candles. The kind that smell good, mmmmmm. Not imposter candles who claim to smell good when at best they're a burnt wick only after they're extinguished which is exactly what this weathered wood scented Tuscany candle is not.


Nothing worse than hand picking a candle after smelling all of the other candles in attendance to then discover upon wick ignition you've been duped. Imposter candles are only good for light. If I wanted a light emitting only candle I wouldn't concern myself with its shelved aroma nor sniff all of the surrounding candles like molly at a Mickey Avalon afterparty.


Because I'm less interested in the aroma of a shelved candle than I am that of a burning candle, that's why. "Cinnamon," for example, in its unburnt state to "light only" in its burning state should be called not always cinnamon.


Raise your hand if you give a single fuck what iThink about candles. Hashtag PutYourHandDown. Seriously—show of hands:

Who enjoys seeing the exact same material you saw in your feed yesterday in your feed again today and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that and the day after that?


Hi. Hello. Yes, you there, you are who I'm talking to. I'm @dandays - The Luckiest Guy I Know. I like to say what you won't.

I'm an Ecency App user, I do all of this on that. You're awarded points for every action at @ecency. Depending on character count, comments can be worth up to 5 points each. New posts are worth 15 points each, votes are worth 0.3. Referrals are worth 99 points so tell all your friends about us—free money. Even idle time is worth about 0.5 points per hour. Ecency users get paid to sleep. They add up quickly.

Points are transferable and exchangeable between Ecency users. Once you've earned a minimum 150 points, you can use them to purchase boosts and promotions not exceeding 500 and 1,000 points. One boost today is valued between about $2-$6.


I don't boost my own stuff. To each their own, I don't do that. Boosts are not automatic anyway, each one is either manually approved by Ecency curators or the points are returned. I boost comments. When someone drops a heartfelt line or something that makes me laugh out loud, I boost it which is then forwarded to curators and, more often than not, the boost is approved and I'm able to bump up their comment reward near $2. Promote works differently.


The promote feature is available for 150 - 1,000 points depending what duration you'd like the content to be "sponsored." Sponsored content is featured every fourth article across all Ecency users feed whether they like it or not.


150 points sponsors content for 1 day. 1,000 points earns a 14 day sponsorship. When you see the same sponsored article in your feed beyond its pay period it means they maxed out the self-centered option to 1,000 points.


I don't want to see my favorite producers articles every fourth image in my feed so I'd prefer to see repeat garbage even less.

So I did what I do, talk shit between here and discord gathered intel. According to my research, only half of us are not sociopaths. The other half doesn't care how respectfully I word it. When I suggested 'please promote anyone other than yourself, thank you' they heard "not everything's about you you attention whore!"


So I dropped a note in the suggestion box and @good-karma responded. Eh, that's a bad mo-fo right there—sets the bar for responsive and attentive dev. He developed Ecency and Hivesigner plus runs a witness node, addresses user concerns quicker than your cell phone provider, and a bunch of other things. If you're not already voting his witness :pause:

Stop by his page and click approve witness. I'll wait....

:play: I'm told the next update will include an option that allows us to hide sponsored content. I'd rather not hide all sponsored content and miss quality articles in the process but it's the only way to avoid only way to avoid repeat repeat content.


Or :stop:

And promote anyone other than yourself. iThink you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results and then the rest of us wont have to hide all promoted content just to avoid yours.



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