Buddies Playing Cards on the Grassy Ground

Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends.
The weather here is amazing today, cool wind is blowing outside. I could not stop myself going outside. Went to the little park at the side of our house. The air was very fresh.
Came across these buddies who were playing cards on the Grassy ground in the park. There was also an old man watching them playing cards. He was enjoying the game. These people play cards each evening there after they get free from work. Sometimes they got huge audience around them. These people do a lot jokes When Playing the cards. Few of the times i go near them to enjoy their jokes as it is really fun.
I am happy to see them enjoying life, actually it is good to have fun while playing the game. Life is too short, we should engage in such activities which bring joy to the life. Will share some stories from this park in my next post, that's it for now.
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