My Second Entry to Ecency Art Contest | Fun, Whimsical Ecency

This post is my second entry to the 2nd Annual Ecency Art Contest hosted by @melinda010100. I posted my first entry in this post: Ecency Art Contest | My Journey With Ecency

As mentioned previously, there are 3 contest categories:

  • Video/gif/animation
  • Illustrations/collage/sculpture/digital art
  • Slogan

My first entry was under the second category. This time around. I am trying my luck under the first category - gif.

❤️ My Inspiration ❤️

Like my first entry, the inspiration for this entry comes from the diversity of people using Ecency from all over the world. But unlike my first entry, which focuses on my unique identity, I wanted this one to be more general but whimsical.

I hand-drawn this gif before I scanned it onto a computer and edited it digitally. I stick to simple doodling and make it fun and welcoming.

❤️ Progress Photos ❤️

I didn't manage to capture everything because I was too busy drawing! But here are a couple of my progress photos as proof that this is my original art.

I started by drawing the Ecency logo in the middle, followed by seven cartoonish characters around the logo, which symbolize the diversity of people using the dapp worldwide.

And finally, I scanned it and edited it on a computer using Photoscape image editor.

That's it for now. If you read this far, thank you. I appreciate it so much! Kindly give me a follow if you like my content. I mostly write about making art, life musing, and our mundane yet charming family life here in Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Thank you for visiting and reading my post. I hope you like it!

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