My Entry To Ecency Second Annual Art Contest | It's Always Blue šŸ’™

Hello Ecency!
It's another great annual art contest in the Ecency, my number dapp.
I just heard of this lovely contest and wouldn't want to miss out in it.
I may not be the best, but am among the lovers of the easiest money making app on Hive blockchain. That's me being serious.

I created this videos using short videos from which provides free graphical contents for use.
After getting these materials, I made use of my Canva and Inshot mobile apps to get this video up and running.
The blending was not easy for me since am not a professional in making or creating videos, but I passed through the process in less than 2 hours.

In order to show how grateful I am to these artists, I'll be sharing the links where these materials were gotten from.
Music by Alex Golubiev from Pixabay
[Cloud image](
Shore runner
School pupils
Body builder

Also, I agree to let this short be be included in the Ecency #assets.

Thank you so much for viewing my entry blog post.

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