3 Fun Facts About Chidubem — Ecency Dreemport Challenge

Hello all, in case you don't know, I go by the name Chidubem — guess you can see that in my username, and the number (26) attached to the name says more about my birthday. I was born on the 26th day of June.

Now you have a little info about me and the reason for choosing the username I answer, let's go further to get to know more. I would be writing about some of the interesting fun facts about me and my personality.


1. I love my peace
Propel often asks why I often commonise things. They often vite that I don't easily get provoked and if I eventually do, it doesn't really last as it should — especially when vexed to the extreme. My answer to them is always the same. "I love my peace." I prefer channeling my bad energies to achieving things. I would rather come to Hive to write than getting vexed by anyone. By the tune of a conversation, if I sense that it's about leading to a quarrel, I often withdraw and start doing something else.

By doing so, I have been able to manage my emotions and am being considered to be on good terms with everyone. Somehow, I think wasting energy on unnecessary things isn't worth it at all.

2. I smile a lot
Yeah! Some say I got it from my sister. But I don't think so because it has been an intentional effort. Little things make me smile/laugh. However, when people see me coming from afar, they often say I look too serious and scary to approach. Haha, it is what it is.

Maybe my smiling a lot might be a way of showcasing my dimple — as a fine guy that I am. Haha! But on a serious note, I pay little attention to those things. I love being me. Smiling produces positive energy that enhances the productivity of both the body and brain.

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Back to the fun facts

3. I love football
I have few hobbies and the number one in it is football. I have supported Chelsea FC ever since I was a kid. My support for Chelsea Football Club was as a result of their signing of Didier Drogba. As a kid, I was nicknamed Drogba because of my love for the Chelsea legend. And since then the club have had love till now. I majorly use my leisure time to either play football or write here on the Blockchain. I have other hobbies though, but those two are the first in my table of preference.

Now you know more about Chidubem. Can't wait to like up with a partner for the ongoing Ecency Dreemport Challenge.

Would like to have @dwixer as a partner!

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