July Collab - Cesca Intro.



DrEEmport Vs Ecency !!

This is lit mehn!

So, guys, today marks the inception of the collaboration event with Dreemport & Ecency... I'm sure you do not want to miss out on this.

Join the fun! ... Join the fun!! ... Join the fun!!!

Hehehe am super duper excited folks, the time and effort in putting these things out are so energetic...

Most people are grumbling about not having the inspiration to write things and lost interest in doing that, but what if I say you could join this fun and be part of us here ... no fees attached!! ... just you and all the wonderful people in here (dreemport & ecency) communicating and engaging!

So let's proceed ... ...,

It's all about #ecency the community for all writers... There are lots of amazing features you have no idea about and it's quite fascinating when you unearth a box of surprises lying beneath this community.

... I am Cesca Jove, and I am a student of a prestigious institution in Nigeria, I have been on this platform “ #hive ” for over a year and a half probably two years lol I don't keep tabs on that! ... were you expecting to keep that...yes silly 😜

My field of discipline is Accountancy and my degree of study is in my second year. It is tough being an accountant because all of your life will revolve around huge figures. I love money so why won't I be interested in numerous figures. During my secondary school days, I have always loved being in the commercial department and I just naturally love accounting for things and keeping figures accurate. I imagine why I don't like other departments like art and science, I had zero likenesses for them.

When it comes to school activities, I had preferred to be a social prefect until it was announced that I was assigned the post of head girl. I was like huh❔ but I figured they chose the best for me and I didn't think much of the task and I performed it to the best of my ability, infact I became mean because weakness wasn't in my line of duty. I was one person in my department that everyone envied because my position in class was either second🥈or third🥉and am a brilliant student regardless of my reluctance in college.

I'm an inspiration to souls I have come in contact with, many don't know this about me! Yes, I would have my pains and all of those things but I still find the courage to lift a soul that's worried, discouraged, and depressed. Sometimes when I meet new people they ask me about myself and the only thing I know to say is ...I Love Being Happy...

I'm a conqueror and I won't stop!
I have my family too 💖
No matter what I Stand for them!

Three [3] Fun Facts About Me...


  • Dancing And Smiling - When I come out in public, I always have this mean look ... not so mean anyways but at least not smiling like a moron. My secondary schooling cultured me properly I guess because the characteristics of being a head girl didn't leave me. But when I am indoors ...oh lord!! ... most especially when am listening to music through my headphones 🎧... geez am a dancer and a good cute smiler lol... currently am listening to music and typing hehe ...me looking at the mirror and exposing my 32 in the mirror while I dance 😅.
    Cesca dance and video yourself ”....nay!! 😆
    Gosh! It's beautiful!

  • My Vibes Are Lit - Being with me it's a vibe, for those familiar with me though! my circle of friends is tight because that's how I want it but I have open windows for amazing souls. I could be talkative because of my vibes...I hate seeing morals low. Normal people won't do this but am a mixture of normal and abnormal... let's say weird. I was on my way home, I was walking to get to a bus station during my walk I saw a bus driver looking at the buttocks of a lady which was seemingly very big ... @olawalium you will be interested ... he was so focused that his head tilted towards his shoulder almost leaning on his shoulder to get a good glimpse of the lady's buttocks. I on the other hand knew what was going on in his mind 🤣, his imagination was so wild and dirty that he didn't know he was glued to looking at her. On getting close to his bus, I tapped the bus so hard that he jolted back to his senses and he looked at me and started laughing hard, I too was laughing because he knew what I know. Meanwhile, a guy was driving past us and he saw all that scenario and also witnessed me waking him from his sick thoughts. The guy had to wind down his window and laughed out loud at the attitude that I put up!
    My question to @olawalium and others is, why do men get carried away with big buttocks lmao???... that's my vibe!.. neutral!

  • I Love Writing - That's what every blogger does: write and write and write... Be creative with imagination! I can be so quiet but I can type everything in my mind through writing. The mind controls the hand movements because if your mind isn't stable enough or in a good state you can't write!
    The mind manipulates the hands and it does what the mind thinks...when one has writer's block, the best thing he or she can ever do is to look for prompts. Prompts start the process of thoughts and how to decipher them into a lengthy article.

Here's the total of my ecency points!
Keeping records to see how far I would go with this collaboration challenge...




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