Outside progress // Reblog lottery

Due to exceptional life circumstances, I completely forgot it was Monday. This means there is double rewards for the winner of the previous post.

Also @hiveborgminer, I have not forgotten you. When I get to my computer I will see how much I owe you for the post I forgot to put you as beneficiary.

The small garden

It is taking shape now, finally!!

The worker guys came and started making ready to put on tiles.

It was brilliant when it was placed and I was able to sit outside.

There is still 2 things missing. One side of tiles and then stamping it all to make it nice and even.

This is the current status.
I expect it to be done by tomorrow so it can be enjoyed during the weekend 🙏🏼☀️

Apologies for the short post, circumstances are still not optimal for me.

Reblog lottery

How does the reblog lottery work??

  • Reblog the post
  • Comment with the word "REBLOGGED" (does not have to be capital letters)
  • Your comment may contain more than just this one word, but this word is required

Reblog the post before: Monday, May 20th @ 3pm UTC

Winner will be 20% beneficiary to the next lottery post and the chance to win cool $HIVE too.
For each ten (10) reblog, there will be added 2 HSBI to the winner.

Last rounds result

Winner has been selected using this tool

Once again, I am back to trusting the comments.
@henruc @hiveborgminer @kungfukid @ladymisa @lourica @monsterbuster @nabbas0786 @olaf.gui @scoutroc @servelle @stekene

And the winner:


Congratulations, please enjoy your 40% profit share on this post and 2 HSBI. Read more about HSBI here

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