My Introduction for the dreemport challenge 😬🥳

Hello Ecencians and Dreemers ha ha. Ok this was long coming, now we get to have fun while learning and getting acquainted with each other. Ecency has been my hub since I arrived on hive in March this year, that is 2022 for those that do time travel ha ha. So I have really enjoyed my time so far with Ecency and that was even before I got to join their awesome discord channel.

Oh, wait I forgot to introduce myself. Ok Introducing, from the west part of Africa, Weighing 90 pounds, sorry my bad. My name is Buezor Michael, or simply buezor here. I'm from Nigeria. I love dark chocolates like really dark ones. I also love learning new stuffs, hiking, reading and other things normal people love to do he he.

Here's the screenshot of my Ecency points. Taking around 5:00am UTC time. Pretty early huh.


Ok where did I stop, right, Ecency. Well I joined dreemport before I even got to know about their discord channel also. I saw the link from someone's post here on Ecency and followed to join. It's been fun since then. I joined the PYPT there my first time in a hangout with folks from all over the world. And I also got to see wonderful post and interact with them while curating for dreemport.

So that's it, you know me you can find on Ecency and on dreemport Discord servers. I'm so ambidextrous I can type on both at once ha ha. Joking, well see you there.


That photo is mine

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