Esie Adventure Contest - Esie the Rescue Whale

The piercing sound echoed across the entire ocean. It was a call from Esie’s mom, Esie has gone missing again or she has gone close to the shore as she always does.

Image by JimmyDominico on Pixabay

“Have you seen Esie?” Esie’s mom asked the dolphin twins.
“We haven’t” They replied almost sounding like a chorus as they leap out of the ocean displaying their acrobatic skills to the cheers of the folks even Mr crabs cheered with his stern-looking face.

Meanwhile somewhere across the narrow sea Esie was pushing a raft to the shore, as the men on the shore saw her and what she had done they clapped and ran to complete the task.
Esie had rescued their captain after a swift wind almost broke their ship apart.

Image by 0fjd125gj87 on Pixabay

Captain Dreemie was a fearsome captain and yet with a good heart. She had everyone leave the ship and she was the last to leave before the storm broke her raft and she almost sank.

Esie who had been on her tour as she called it had seen the whole scenario play out and swiftly went for the rescue.

She had always been a “rescue whale” as her uncle called her rescuing fishermen, surfers, and even pirates who she thought deserved a second chance at life.

“Oh dear,” Esie’s mom said as she heard whispers of her name, Esie, moving so majestically that the whole ocean paused to have a look at the adventurer.

“I’ve told you not to leave our territory Esie,” Her mom said,
“Sorry mom, anyways you won’t believe what I did today,” she said with excitement in her voice.
“Let me guess, another rescue mission” her uncle cut in, and they all laughed.!

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