Ecency Weekly Topic | | Look What I found on Dreemport

I think I joined dreemport not knowing really what it was all about. Ok so here is the story. I was about 2 months old on hive then, and that was when I was a bit unserious with hive. This is because after my introductory post I didn’t get the much-needed engagement on other subsequent posts and I felt alone, I even concluded that writing was not for me ha ha ha imagine if I never came back. Anyway, I created the dreemport account through a link I saw while surfing through posts on ecency. I joined, read the guidelines, and started curating. I didn’t know about the post-submission then, not until I joined their discord server in late May.

Image by Mysticsartdesign On Pixabay edited by me on Canva

The journey on dreemport, if I would even call it a journey because I feel like I just started. Nonetheless, I have had memorable times right from the first time I received a comment on one of my posts the writer indicated that she saw the post through dreemport. I was so excited, I finally got a meaningful engagement from someone who didn’t even know me, or has seen my previous posts. The next big thing was when I got a follow from someone also from dreemport who read my post and went ahead to follow me, maybe he needed more from this lad ha ha ha. I also enjoyed the all and famous dreemport birthday party, which made being on dreemport even easier, I felt alive on dreemport.

Image by Geralt on Pixabay edited by me on canva

I don’t have many tips to share as I was the one on the receiving end of a tip just a few days ago, but this I know always curate before submitting, I think I felt like something was wrong with my account when I couldn’t submit a post unknown to me that I needed to curate first. Also, follow the guidelines when submitting a post on the dreemport site. Lastly, interact with writers not just with an up-vote but with suggestions that will improve his/her writing skills. I think this part was what made me stay on hive further, the engagement I got from dreemers made my post worth it even with the low reward.

So for me, dreemport is one of the best things that have ever happened to me on hive since I registered in March. Trust me I’ll stick like an eel on this platform and be with it as far as it goes. I won’t drain it like an eel tho, I’m one of the good ones ha ha ha.

If you haven’t joined the dreemport site here is a link for you and also one for their discord server, don’t be left out of the fun, learning, engagement and juicy rewards of dreem tokens.

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