CONTEST** #namethewhale for @ecency **WHALE WALLY**


CONTEST #namethewhale for @ecency WHALE WALLY


We all be sailin' aboard me pirate ship, The Flying Down, with Capt'n Dreemie. Sailin' fast for Thursday's port -but we be headin' for a hidden sand bar! Unbeknownst to any pirate, this sand bar was newly created in the last storm of the area, and if we hit it - we'd be marooned there for days!
Lo and behold - a massive whale starts headin' our way...
"Capt'n! Whale of the port bow! She's headin' straight for us!!!"
Right before she hits me ship - she crests the water - almost takin' flight over the ship! She creates a MASSIVE SPLASH and wave that begins to push our ship out of the way of the sand bar.
"Blow me down!!! She's trying to steer us off course! All hands on deck!!!" I spin the wheel back on course and try to put us towards our treasure destination - heading BACK towards the sand bar…..


I succeed to get us back on course but unfortunately I lost the treasure with all the ecency tokens. The treasure we were bringing back to shore. In time for Thursday’s port. Now I called with Wally Whale, from Ecency, and he will try to look for the treasure at the bottom of the sea. When he and his redfish posse and his best friend Sally Seahorse find it, he will write a blogpost for help. Currently they haven’t left a message but I am hopeful they will in time for Thursday. Wally never let me down before……..

I made the inmage of Wally Whale, or Whale Wally if you like, with his friends in a collage made up from a few pictures. - -

My name for this sweetie is :

His name is Wally , whale Wally

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Date : 13 September 2022


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