Weekly Ecency Discord Posting Topic: GOOD NEWS

Time flies and already we have the 4th week of the new "Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic" !

As always, the posting idea comes from our random chat conversations in discord. But everyone is welcome to participate if the topic appeals to you and if you are looking for posting ideas!
Just use the tag #ecencydiscord and write a good post about the topic:

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Again, a topic on which there are so many variants to write about! Maybe you'll come across some good news this week that you'd like to share? Or write in general about the topic that we are given far too little good news in the media! Or write a short story that features good news.
Whatever the case, the purpose should be to spark your creativity in writing, engage with a topic and make it a good post :-)

A big thank you to @good-karma and @melinda010100 who have donated ecency points, so get to the keyboards and cameras to show us what you found to tell us about this topic!


  • Use the tag #ecencydiscord
  • Write at least 200 words and make a good content post out of the topic
  • No need to mention that it should be your own content, right?

Why use the #ecencydiscord? First, so we can find you, second, because we want our Discord members to interact more with each other on Chain as well, and this is a possibility to find each other and leaving a nice comment.

How did I come up with this topic? Looking through the last week I noticed some good news, so simple! For example:

@zakludick told us about his dearest @clairmobey who played a concert and they were totally happy because the seats were SOLD OUT! How awesome, we are so happy for you Claire!

Other good news: There are more and more contests, who also will give out ecency points!

@friendlymoose joined the ecency discord
and with him the great wellknown contest:
look here

The same for the cineTV contests!!!
look here

And last but never least:
Yes, the Ladies of Hive Contestst will also give out points! Here you go, Ladies!

All contests awarding ecency points can be found in the #contest-awarding-points channel on ecency discord , just come an join us!

Than we also got good news from @weone because he found a new job, he really is looking foreward to, all the best in the new job!

Also we were all glad to finally hear from @bambukah as we were worried if he would be ok. And I also like to take this as good news here. We love you and all hug you, as you already saw in discord.

As promised, there were ecency points to be awarded for the previous week and they go to @weone and @brittandjosie congratulations! Melinda did refuse to get points, so hers will go back into the point pool!

And now it's your turn:

Come and join in to the Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic 22/22


Make a great post, dont forget the tag #ecencydiscord thats it!

This posting topic is open to everyone, not only for our discord members.

Have fun posting and take the chance to be seen in a quiet chain time :-) Yours, B.

Picture by unsplash.com edited by me with corel draw
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