Start of a 3 Weeks Challenge: Dreemport / Ecency

For almost 2 months I know about this day to come and now it finaly is here! What a great feeling! It's the first day of the brand new #dreemportchallenge going with my very favorite frontend and Community Ecency.

Yes, for me Ecency is not only an app or a frontend. Ecency is my home on hive, my community, the place on the hive blockchain I belong to.

But Dreemport somehow became my second home and I know for a lot of nice people it IS THEIR HOME :-)

You wanna know why? So, what do you need for a comfortable home? Yes! Exactly you need Love. Acceptance. Friendly and compassionate communication. And these you will find in Ecency and in Dreemport, because it's the people BEHIND the scenes, living these values on a high level.

Therefore I am so happy, those communtities go together for the next 3 weeks, and I am SO sure, there will be some livelong friendships be build within.

Let's come to this weeks challenge (details: Dreemies announcement post)
Athough my challengepartner @dreemsteem and me are out of ranking, I took a screenshot this morning to monitor the ecency points in my wallet:

Haha, I see you stunning at that number!!! But these are not only my own points, because I got points for the #ecencydiscord weekly posting topic from @good-karma @melinda010100 and @unklebonehead

And during this day, they also have become less, here you can see what they were spent for:

I gave some for the Generosity Hangout Show, our dear Unklebonehead hosted today in ecency discord. I also won 150 points, but they were for boosting somebody, so I boosted @whywhy with these points.

To find out more about the great heart our very best Unklebonehead has, look at this post and join in if you like it: Community Love - Leading with Generosity

My Ecency points wallet looks this way at the moment:

Oh, this will be a hard job to get them on a higher level as this morning ;-)
And I also took a screenshot form my DREEM token in the Token Wallet:

Then "somebody" wanted to know and post 3 fun facts about me! hmmmm...

LOL. Sorry there are NONE. I have no sense of humor at all. ROFL.

This was my post for the Dreemport Challenge Entry and I am looking foreward to 3 weeks ful of meeting each other, engagement and fun :-) Yours, B.

Picture made with (free verion) logo dreemport by @dreemport and logo ecency by @ecency and @dunsky
Screenshots by me from ecency app and

Statement "We come for crypto and stay for the community" - thank you for mentioning this today in the hangout show dear @thekittygirl

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