ED weekly posting topic: HELPING HANDS

Last week's topic interested a lot of people and it was especially nice to see that everyone also wanted to help others with all the money.

This week the money is not at your disposal, but you still have your heart and soul, your mind and knowledge, your humanity and compassion, your voting power, don't you?


You know, as always with our ed topics, it's up to you how you approach. Your general thoughts or write a story, maybe take some nice photos or whatever comes to your mind.

The help we are talking about here does not have to be purely financial, it can also be concrete actions or help for self-help ideas.

Here are a few suggestions or inspirations:

  • Who do you know on HIVE who is in desperate need of help right now? Or deliberately look for such people this week to draw attention to them here.

  • Can a little money really help to change a situation for the better in the long run? What could you do instead or in addition?

  • Have you ever been in need of help yourself and been lucky enough to find it?

  • Do you ever consciously use your Hive Voting Power to help?

Let your imaginantion flow and also find other aspects as the mentioned.

It would be great, if we can draw attention to people here who need our help.


Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic is open for everyone on chain! No need to be an ecency discord member, no need to use ecency to post, no need to post into Ecency Community.

  • You have time to submit your post until next Sunday evening.

  • Write at least 200 words, take your time to make a good content post out of the topic

  • Please write in English or for bilingual posts make one of the languages English.

Exception is German, still a post in only German is possible. But because of the low interest from the German speaking community the #edtopic explanation post will be only in English.
Nevertheless, I would still be very happy about more participants from the DACH.

  • No need to mention that it should be your own content and please always source your own or free to use photos properly.

  • Use TWO TAGS: #edtopic AND #ecencydiscord

Why use those tags? Because you are free to post in any community you choose and so we can find your postings with the tags, second, because we want our Discord members to interact more with each other on chain as well, and this is a possibility to find each other and leaving a nice comment.
#edtopic is reserved for the weekly posting topics only, but #ecencydiscord can be used, whenever you want.


It's been two things that inspired me. The one as mentioned above was, that everyone who joined last week also had a strong need to help someone.
The second point was concrete help needed by hive user @xplosive so he came to ecency discord. I was a little sad, when I looked at his last post and could not find many upvotes from our dear ecencials. So maybe, they didnt see his cry for help in discord, I dont know the reason.

But fact is, for some people here every little cent upvote can make a difference and I think we should be more careful with this. And so with this weeks topic I hope to get your minds and hearts open for helping each other in real life and on Hive.

As usual 10% of this posts payout will go to @xplosive as a thank you for the inspiration.


The topic "4.2 BILLION DOLLAR" was an attractive one it seems!
Each 50 ecency points will go to: @mein-senf-dazu @eddwood @seckorama @mhizsmiler.leo @weone @mypathtofire @funshee @ynwa.andree @marriot5464 @bhattg @lifeof.abdul @sumotori @henrietta27 @cwow2 @idksamad78699

All good posts, here folliwing 2 examples of the ones I liked most:

4.2 Billion Dollars Jackpot Changed His Life by @idksamad78699

$ 4.2 billion by @seckorama

This was last week, now let's go for the new topic:


Make a great post, read the rules above ( !!! ), dont forget the 2 tags and if you have questions, please just ask in the comments or join us in ecency discord https://discord.gg/Ek4s7n3p

This posting topic is open to everyone, not only for ecency discord members or people using ecency, no, for everyone on hive!

Have fun posting and use your chance to be seen and grow your account in a quiet chain time :-) Yours, B.

Please just be aware, if you join in it could be, that your post with one of your photos will be shown in the next Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic post.

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