Ecency Discord Posting Topic Week 31: FLAGS

A new week, a new posting topic, once again inspired out of our ecency discord general chat room. Please make sure to read the rules, we have changing in the tags for the Ecency Discord Posting Topics.

For our weekly posting topic, as always, how you approach is completely up to you. It's just an inspiration and of course it's open for everyone to join.



There are many types of flags. Official national flags and flags for regions or cities. But also some clubs have a flag and often they are used for religious purposes or just for decoration.

Some flags have a centuries-old tradition or a specific meaning, just think of the pirate flag and some of them even have their own name! And all these flags have just the chance to become the center of a beautiful posting.

source unsplash

Take nice photos or tell something about the history of your country's flag.
Or just anything wich comes to your mind thinking of flags.

As always, these are just suggestions! Anything you can think of on the broad topic "FLAGS" is of course possible. Write a fictional story if you want, or show us your own great photos, or just discuss the topic. This is no contest, it's just for bringing you to the keyboards and write!


  • Use TWO TAGS: #edtopic AND #ecencydiscord
  • Write at least 200 words, take your time to make a good content post out of the topic
  • No need to mention that it should be your own content, right?

Why did we add the second tag #edtopic ? Because #ecencydiscord seems to become a general tag for the ecency discord (and other) users and it is getting a little bit confused to find out the real TOPIC posts inbetween.
Thats perfect, just continue to use #ecencydiscord to find and interact wich eachother users, but:

Please add and only use the new #edtopic for ONE weekly post, in wich you really step into the topic idea, put some effort in it and make a great post out of it.

>>> How did I come up with this topic?

Ecency discord this afternoon - @dickturpin showed a very nice photography of the Essex flag and also from himself in front of the European Union Parliament, the last day the UK flag was hissed there

Hopefully we get to see those photos with explanations in a post too Dick?

>>> Review last week

For their postings from last weeks topic "CULTURAL DIFFERENCES" @asgharali @mypathtofire and @aliakbar will each receive 50 ecency points for joining the topic.

Cultural differences in human beings and their ways of life @asgharali

A look at Cultural Differences by @mypathtofire

Cultural Difference by @aliakbar

Thank you all for joining in week 30 "CULTURAL DIFFERENCES"

>>> This Week:

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We arrived in week 31/2022 and now it's your turn, to tell us about what comes to your minds when you think of FLAGS

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Make a great post, read the NEW rules above ( !!! ) and if you have questions, please just ask in the comments or join us on ecency discord.

This posting topic is open to everyone, not only for ecency discord members or people using ecency, no, for everyone on hive!

Have fun posting and use your chance to be seen and grow your account in a quiet chain time :-) Yours, B.

Please just be aware, if you join in it could be, that your post with one of your photos will be shown in the next Ecency Discord Weekly Posting Topic post!

10% from this post are set as a beneficiaries to @dickturpin as a thank you for the inspiration

Contest Picture by Vladislav Klapin from unsplash edited by me with corel draw
Other pictures from the origin posts / persons mentioned or also from see sources mentioned

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