Ecency Discord Posting Topic Week 28: GENEROSITY

Ispired from several sources this week, @melinda010100 and I decided, this would be a very good topic, wich is free for everyone to join in and write about:


For our #ecencydiscord weekly posting topic, as always, how you approach the topic is completely up to you.

Some inspirations what you can write about:

  • have you been generous on chain this week, maybe boosted someone elses post or set up a benefciaires or something like this? Why did you do it?
  • Has someone once changed your life, because he was generous?
  • What are your general thoughts about generostiy on our planet?
  • Can people live without love, friendship, generosity?

As always, these are just suggestions! Anything you can think of on the broad topic "GENEROSITY" is of course possible. This is no contest, it's just for bringing you to the keyboards and write!


  • Use the tag #ecencydiscord
  • Write at least 200 words, take your time to make a good content post out of the topic
  • No need to mention that it should be your own content, right?

Why use the #ecencydiscord? First, so we can find you, second, because we want our Discord members to interact more with each other on chain as well, and this is a possibility to find each other and leaving a nice comment.

>>> How did we come up with this topic?

The more our world changes, the more important it becomes that we go together and support each other.

The topic is popping up on every corner! @unklebonehead started it with his #leadingwithgenerosity tag and also the @dreemportchallenge has now integrated it into the second "Dreemport / Ecency" week.

Dreemy came up with a cool word for it: EVOLution - LOVElution - friendship, community, standing together, helping and supporting each other.

designed by @dreemsteem / @dreemport

You can find more informations here: @dreemport/ecency-dreemport-challenge-week-2

Everyone is already talking about and now we make it our new weekly topic too!

>>> Review last week

For their postings from last weeks topic "DREEMPORT" @mypathtofire @buezor @weone @chaosmagic23 and a very special guest, a port wich can write: @dreemport will each receive 50 ecency points for joining the topic.

Here you see some examples, to explore them all just look at #ecencydiscord

Introducing Dreemport by @mypathtofire

Look What I found on Dreemport by @buezor

All about me? wow! by @dreemport

Thank you all for joining in week 27 "DREEMPORT"

I know, it was a special topic, not possible for everyone to join in, because not everyone knows dreemport. But as promised, this week you get antoher more general topic to jump in and write!

>>> This Week:

Once again we got Ecency Points to give out from @good-karma, @melinda010100 and @ecency
And we still have Ecency Points from @unklebonehead wich I use to boost underrated good posts in our weekly posting topic.
Thank you all so much for sponsoring!

We arrived in week 28/2022 and now it's your turn, to tell us about your thoughts, experiences and insights about GENEROSITY

Make a great post, read the rules above ( !!! ) and if you have questions, please just ask in the comments or join us on ecency discord.

This posting topic is open to everyone, not only for ecency discord members or people using ecency, no, for everyone on hive!

Have fun posting and use your chance to be seen and grow your account in a quiet chain time :-) Yours, B.

You never heard of dreemport before? Here are some links for more informations:
official website:
instructions how to use: @dreemport/how-do-i-use-dreemport-its-easy-

Contest Picture by Jarmoluk pixabao edited by me with corel draw
Other pictures from the origin posts / persons mentioned and from dreemport discord.

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