Ecency Discord Posting Topic: The Journey So Far as a Newbie

Hello everyone. It is really amazing to participate in this contest organized by @beeber.
I came across this contest through a friend's post @emeka4 and it really caught my attention. I felt it would be nice to participate too.
You can enter the contest Here


As a newcomer to the blockchain, the journey might be rough. Getting people to know you and even see your posts might be challenging.

When I think back on how I got started on the blockchain, it makes me laugh.
When I was having trouble finding my way around the blockchain, I made the decision to quit. As of then, my second post on Liketu received the most upvotes, followed by my introduction post, which received the most comments.

I wasn't sure which community to engage in at one point, and I wondered if I was doing it all wrong. I deleted the Ecency app because I couldn't decide what to post or write in the comment section of any post.

A week later, @emeka4 inquired about my absence. Everything was explained to him. He then gave me some encouraging words, which I held onto every day.

He then told me about his journey on the blockchain, including how he used to wait every three days before making any posts because his resource credits were always low then and there was no one to delegate HP to him.

He told me that being smart, hardworking, setting a goal, being devoted, and consistent are the keys to success. Have all of this and gradually people will start to recognize you on the blockchain.

I downloaded the Ecency again a day later. I started by sharing sunset photographs every day, and then I began to join in the @melinda010100 Shadow Hunters contest. Day by day, I started to engage in various communities, contests, and even leave comments on some of the postings.

And eventually, I started finding my way around the blockchain, and here I am today. Despite the fact that I am still learning, I am confident that with hard work, consistency, and devotion, I will be able to attain greater success.

In conclusion, getting started can be difficult, but the important thing is not to give up. There's no shame in being a newbie who's having trouble finding his way on the blockchain; the people at the top were once newbies as well.

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