Slogan for Ecency..... My entry for Ecency Art Contest

This is my second entry in Ecency Art Contest. This time I am participating in Slogan Category.

The slogan that I created is

Helping Hands, Creative Minds and Generous Hearts Make Ecency.

Join Ecency. Be Ecencial

I have also created a banner for this slogan.

Thoughts Behind the Slogan

For creating the slogan I thought of what Ecency is. I didn’t have to think too much because its features and qualities are clearly visible.

Helping Hands
Ecency is a platform where anyone can seek help and guidance. The people there provide support to everyone in need selflessly and sincerely. All the queries are attended and resolved.

Creative Minds
Ecency always remains busy in bringing creative ideas and innovation. It evokes the creativity of many others. The present contest is an example. Besides, the weekly featured question at Ecency Discord Server is another example. Even more, Ecency keeps on bringing innovation to its apps and website.

Generous Hearts.

Generosity of Ecency is not hidden from anyone. So many of the contest on Hive are sponsored by Ecency. It generously gives away the goodies all around. Besides, the ecency points make its holder generous. They wake up the spirit of sharing tips.

Join Ecency.

After describing the qualities of this wonderful platform, it wouldn’t be justified to not invite people to it. I am here because I was invited by someone. I am thankful to @dreemsteem for inviting many of us to this amazing front-end. The chain of invitation should go on, shouldn’t it?

Be Ecencial
Those people who are a part of Ecency by any means are Eccential. Hehe. This word always makes me feel Essential. 😃.... It gives a boost in self-esteem, doesn’t it?

So, these are the thoughts behind the slogan. I hope you liked it.
At the end I would like to declare that the slogan and the banner can be used in ecency #assets without any permission.

The banner is created by me on Canva using free to use images available on the app.

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