Ecency Annual Art Contest: Celebrate Ecency 🎉

What's the essence without a decency?
These and more have been explained, simply by using the Ecency mobile and website.
First of all, I must appreciate the Ecency team for standing strong and making things better every single season, even after the renovation of the old building (Esteem) at Steemit.
Hive blockchain is for everyone and Ecency just defined it to a layman on the street.
Therefore, we must stand up for the greatest app/website operating on Hive blockchain.

For the Annual Ecency art contest, I'll be making an entry to the third category, the slogan to appreciate this beautiful app that has no replacement.
Talking about the things which I have experienced since the snapshot of steemit to Hive, Ecency developer's team have worked efficiently in updating the website and app to its best standard. The one that surprised the world was the creation of Ecency Points, a sign of creating Ecency token in the future.

The priorities of most Hiver users can be aligned to making money 🤑 from their creative uploads. This requires each person to find the best channel for making such idea a reality and must be done with ease.
Ecency made it easier for everyone as the app and website have good and precise clicks. The one that got most people's attention is the "No ads" environment.

My slogan

Made in Canva

Ecency: Swiftly designed, professionally edited, creatively deployed.

This is our Ecency.

Thanks for visiting my post.
Do have a lovely new week.

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