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Hello everyone

I hope everyone of you in this wonderful community is doing really fine. I am here to tell you people something really amazing. What is that? It is something related to ecency features. Hence we have been asked to express our thoughts on ecency features and that's why i am here to tell you people about my thoughts on one of the amazing features of ecency.

[Image from ecency assets by rosmiapure]

As you all know that ecency is a frontend like many others which let you access your hive account. I have no hate for other platforms and frontends but ecency is no doubt something else. It is also present in the form of application which you can easily get on Google play store. After downloading the application you just have to login into your account and you will say that where was this ecency before

Ecency with its improving features is becoming more popular day by day. It has improved much throughout the time. When i joined ecency (about three months ago), there were many things which were annoying but now they are like a piece of cake for me

Let's not waste your time and get to the real thing.

Ecency token swap feature

Believe me guys that this feature of ecency just took my heart. Ecency got an amazing and vast thing on the name of wallet. But first i had to wait for 3.5 days to convert my HBD into hive but now things got a lot better. Now i just have to swap my HBD with hive and that's all

Here you can see that there is an option of swapping. What you have to do is just swap your required amount and after a single blink you will see your swapped token in the wallet. Isn't it amazing? It is time guys, return back to what is made for you. I bet that ecency is going to get a lot better as the days are passing

Also if you want to vote for ecency proposal, you are just a click away. Here you got the link to vote for their proposal.


Stay tuned for my next updates about some other ecency features like

Do you know what is boosting on ecency?

Do you know what is points earning on ecency?

Do you know how to just post your one picture and some words like you send a daily snap on ecency?

Including this and a lot more to come. Just be patient and wait for my next entry

A lot of thanks to @melinda010100 and @xuwi for running this amazing initiative

Well, this was all from my side.



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