Ecency waves challenge/ Ecency contest.

Hello everyone

As we all know that ecency is working hard day and night in order to provide us with best features and luxuries. So that we can enjoy the best experience. I recently shared about the swapping feature of ecency which was recently introduced, if you missed out here is the link to the post.

[Image from ecency assets by brittandjosie]

What i brought for you people? I am here with another amazing feature of ecency you people must know about.

Ecency waves feature

As we all familiar to that we should post a lengthy blog in order to attract the readers and also have to include more pictures in that blog so that the blog looks interesting. But stop! What if we have a single picture and some words to describe it? We don't have a Snapchat here so that we can send a snap. This is how ecency looks out for the users

Ecency has introduced a waves feature recently. It is same as we send a snap each day on Snapchat. You just have to come up with a picture and some words to share it with the people on chain. Waves are meant for this thing that if you are visiting your office, home, any beech or any place filled with natural beauty you don't have to capture much for a lengthy blog, just click a beautiful view and share it here with some words

Whenever i am bored or my eyes are tiring to read the lengthy blogs, i just go for ecency waves option. You can find it on the bottom, there is a wave symbol which leads you to ecency waves. Just scroll it down and you will find some amazing pictures, some natural beauty views or some children smiling or some moments of happiness. In conclusion those ecency waves will enlighten your mood

It is not the everything ecency waves got, there are competitions and challenges with valuable prizes are going on ecency waves which are run by mypathtofire and ecency. If you will complete those challenges, you might be getting some mouth watering prizes. So just wait no more and get the ecency application, and if you have got one just update it and all things are done in case then why i have not seen your wave yet?

And yes don't forget that ecency is working hard just for you people so don't forget to vote for ecency proposal. They are always coming up with some amazing updates. Here is the link

Well, that wasn't all, still there is a lot to come. This initiative is open for a whole week and everyone is invited to participate with an open heart. There is a lot to come like

Do you know about boosting contents?

Do you know how to earn ecency points and their use?

Do you know about ecency leaderboard

And much more. So just link up

A bundle of thanks to @melinda010100 and @xuwi for running this amazing contest

Well, this was all from my side.



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