Hello friends is all ecency all the way. 2023 has been a wonderful year for me in the hive Blockchain. I couldn't have achieved all that I achieved without the help of ecency. I just told myself this morning as I am planning to make this post and also thinking of a topic for the post " you are too addicted to ecency" and that is the truth. I can't just help it. You know how it is when you are to use to something that you are even afraid of any changes. I have tried making post with other frontend, but I can't. Each time I still get myself falling back to ecency to make my post. It gets easier everyday for me.

I have with time noticed some changes coming in from time to time after each of my upgrade. It has only become better by the day. All my friends that are in the hive Blockchain, each time that They have any challenge using ecency they always run to me because they know that I can put them through.

These are some of the features that I did not mention in my first post for this prompt:

Making a post is made easy with this πŸ‘‡

Navigating into different communities is made easy with this πŸ‘‡

I get yo see the post made by my friends and make comments or upvote them.πŸ‘‡

When I upgraded the last time I noticed that here one can see what is up in ecency and also use it to give any reportπŸ‘‡

At this point you will get a pop up menue to enter into any part you want.πŸ‘‡

Growing my ecency points gives me joy hence it is used to boast either my post or that of my friends.πŸ‘‡

At this point I will have to stop for today.
Thanks to @melinda010100 for everything.

I encourage us to check this out πŸ‘‡

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