My festive gift goes to? Loh#163

Cordial greetings everyone,
Welcome to this beautiful day filled with joy ad inspiration,

Greetings to @irenenavarroart for organizing this wonderful contest and i think i will go with the second one.

When i saw the contest topic , i immediately remembered a very special woman ,

Actually i had no connection with this woman and that was the only period of time that i saw her but i wish to meet her again.

This particular woman was taking good care of over 50 children from different homes, though she was on pay roll but she really cared for everyone.

Many people might be asking whether is an orphanage home but no is not,


Here is how is i met her

Once upon a time i was living with my aunt whom i later left her house (i ran away)

I saw myself in this place called nabtip , is an organization that takes care of children who are been maltreated or abused but that's not the main story,

There is a woman there , everyone calls her mummy ,

This woman to me is a real definition of a mother, she listens to everyone, takes care of everyone and makes sure that your complain is attended to,
I know that is her job and that she's been paid for that but she does it with passion,

Most children are disobedience and troublesome but she never beats any of us,
She only scolds us when needed but she welcomes everyone,

If am to see her again in this festive season, i will get her alot of goodies for her patience, love, warm heart and hearing ears.

The most important gift that i will give her will be a well designed wrapper for occasion,
After which i will gift her the phone of her choice.

I don't think that there is any amount of gift that can qualify her good attitude but i will like to appreciate her in my own little way .

Thanks for reading @yummycruz1

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