My Tattoo Inspiration | Ladies Of Hive Community Contest #66

It's the 66th edition of the ladies of hive community, and it's better nothing short of awesome to be a part of this magnitude of greatness amongst ladies.
For this week I'd be answering the question

If you had to get a tattoo right now, what tattoo would you choose?

I really do not love tattoos neither do I encourage it, mainly because of my religious beliefs and the thought of going through several purking of the epidermis with the needle, I just detest the needle.
But in appreciation of artistry, I would go with the bird, an eagle precisely and would have it on my back and in the landscape form, so that one of its wings rests on my waist and the other on my neck.

img_0.857379382306793.jpg Source


Birds are usually accompanied with the idea of freedom nevertheless I feel there's more to the ability of being able to spread out wings and take the furthest height, I mean the hen being a bird but the farthest height is attained from jumping and not flying. This is the reason a baby bird cannot fly the same height as the matured bird and no other bird can attain the height of an eagle.


There are several limitations which can bind a mind to a static position, and the major factor is the mind. If I am not at rest or satisfied with where I see myself, I shouldn't accept less but put in an effort, adjust myself to situations try out new things and keep pushing forward till I get what I want. If the brains of the fowl, was advanced enough, I'm sure it would like to know why it can't fly like it's counterpart and work towards that rather than remain a prey, well my human brain is advanced, if there are persons who have paid the price for success, why can't I?
What is/are my limitation/s?
A discovery of this will help me realize what and where I lack.

Thankyou for going through my tatoo-spiration with me, I hope you enjoyed it.

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