Why I'm a Gamechanger and very Reliant on my Phone


It's a new week and that means a new ladies of hive contest 🕺 If you're a lady and new to hive I'd advise you to try out these weekly contests so you get to meet and interact with new people plus, they're really fun. Anyway, on to the questions of the week. I'll be answering both questions.

What is the most important thing that you always carry with you, and why?

I really can't go anywhere without my phone for several reasons.

  • Emergencies

Anything could happen when you're out and you might just need to make a phone call to get you out of a situation. A phone also serves as a security device especially when you live in danger zones.

  • Making payments

Most stores accept mobile transfers so I don't need to bother about my card not working or the store's POS machine failing. I can make any transaction on my phone at any time if need be.

  • Enquiries and others

My phone comes in handy lots of times when I need info. For example, you can't get lost as long as you have GPS on your phone. You can also do a quick Google search at anytime.

There's always something to do with my phone and I can call it my personal assistant. It makes life easier for me and I certainly can't do without it.

Are you a Leader person or a follower, and why do you think that is?

Being a leader is too much of a responsibility I'm not built for. I like being behind the scenes and contributing to tasks to the best of my abilities. Whatever role I'm delegated, I like to function in full capacity because I believe everyone bringing in their A-game makes for a perfect job.

The times when I've taken leadership positions, it really was forced on me and I always wished I wasn't the one doing it. I'm not one to oversee others because I'm easily mentally and physically stressed. I also naturally don't like being in the spotlight and would rather revel in the satisfaction of successfully completing a task.

I am a 'follower' kind of person and I do a pretty good job at it. Follower or leader, what matters most is delivering excellent service for the betterment of humanity at large. We all don't have to be pacesetters or trailblazers but we can be game changers.

I invite @jhunizza to participate in this contest and join the community.

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