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I'm new here and am very excited to be here and am very glad to also participate in this weeks contest.

Growing up as a girl wasn't just easy as I had a lot in my mind to achieve. However, I'm very much interested in this weeks topic as I will be opportune to express myself as well as unleash my pains to @LOH as regards to the girl child and how the changes began as regards the weeks prompt;

When I was a child, I frequently heard: "You can't be a _____ because you're a girl." The blank could be any job or profession which had historically been held by males, such as lawyer, police officer, astronaut, CEO, etc. Jobs considered "acceptable" for females were things like school teacher, nurse, secretary, or sales clerk (of course, in a store owned a man). Society's "preferred" job for women was "housewife," and many men insisted that their wives not work outside the home.

Long ago, women were not allowed to wear pants, or vote. Even twenty or thirty years ago, few businesses seemed to be owned by women. Even today, many religions view God as a purely masculine entity, and women are not allowed to serve as priests/pastors because they are not made in the image of God as men are. When I came to the blockchain five years ago, many men asked, "You're a woman, why are you here?" as if women were not allowed in the world of crypto.

Sadly, changes to this sort of backwards thinking happen rather slowly as societies mature and attitudes begin to relax into more liberal ways of thinking.

When did you begin to see attitudes towards women changing in your life, and what do you think prompted those changes? Please give some examples.

I'm a girl child with so much dreams and a whole lots of gifts, but the society and most family had a piece of anger towards me and my quest for greatness.
It all started when I finished my secondary School, I had the desire to study a medical course outside my environment but my brothers stood their ground to ensure that it doesn't happen. It was not an easy moment for me as I cried out with my whole heart that faithful day. I had to ask why? and my brothers said am a girl child that I need to do a course that I can finish fast and go back to my husbands house.
It was a wonderful moment of conviction and plead. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for them, my dad complied to my desire to go for what I want being a learned person. I got the course I desired after following due process.
However, my brothers and other siblings were happy and congratulated me after getting my desired course. I had thought to myself, what if I was not given the chance to prove that it was not about gender based. Their thoughts and mindset about the girl child began to shift from a negative mindset to a positive one.
I grew up in an environment where ladies are not allowed to own properties or not expected to have own. And, my neighbors at time had only three girls as her only kids without a father, as the husband is late. Everyone looked at her with a bad eye or a pitiful look because she doesn't have a husband neither a male. Then, fate spoke and shut their mouths, the girls had erected a massive and beautiful building for her mom with a good business that is helping her to push through life. A girl child indeed deserve a chance. I was so happy for them and it challenged me also, that I could be whatever I desire to be even do more than my male counterparts.

It was a beautiful day for the family timeout with daddy, and everyone had the chance to speak out what they desire to do in life after school and when they start working or earning money. The boys spoke first, while I was the last to speak, after saying all I could say without any word on marriage. This time around, my dad and brothers had to face me all together.
My family and society had placed the girl child to be an object or a furniture which can only be useful in marriage.
As I grew older, I was used as an example in class and in some homes. My dad was so proud of me and my siblings. There's was a sustainable and constant source of energy, where I got my daily energy. My mum was behind the scene, loading me with good books and prohibiting me from the bad ones.
She has always been the one giving me the best smile and high five whenever I do very well. She never forgot the place of coaching me to be a balanced lady.
She is my backbone and strength. Her encouraging words have been what has made me to be the lady I am today.
I am doing excellently well academically.
I am doing very well in my relationship as well as my business.

Every lady needs the encouragement of another lady to stand out. Every lady, girl, woman and mother deserves a chance. A chance to prove her worth, her worth is more than gold.
Age has never been a yardstick to her growth and achievement. She can be more than the world think of her.
A lady deserves a chance.

Thanks so much @inesweet29 to this contest with an amazing topic.
I want to also say thank you to all that stop by to read my post.

Special thanks to @LOH for this contest.

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