Secrets and rules on a date!


No date is perfect. Whatever our age, every time is different, and it's definitely not... a toy. Whether you've logged a lot of kilometers on the odometer, or you're just starting out, some secrets and rules may come in handy. Read what are the most common mistakes we all make on first dates, for knowledge and compliance!

We are always on our mobile phone

Yes, mobiles have become an extension of our hand and we are used to using them all the time. But when we do it while we are on a date it can easily give a bad impression as someone might think that the cell phone is more important to you than him. Stop being distracted!

We do not express our expectations

Usually we all have some expectations from a first date. Some expect that the night will end with a passionate kiss or that they will meet someone who is perfect for them.

Expectations change, of course, and with time they become higher and higher. If you are not honest with yourself though, and hide your expectations, then you will not be able to build a healthy relationship with your new partner.

We have nothing in common

How many times have you heard that heteronyms attract? Certainly enough to believe it! And of course, even if you don't have common interests with someone you can find them in each other.

But it's one thing to have different tastes in music and another to see life in a completely different way. Having some common ground or background is very important to break the ice and have a good time on a date and helps you get to know each other better and faster.

We make comparisons

Comparing situations especially on first dates is a huge mistake and can bring problems in your love life.

Our expectations today are high because from movies to commercials we are overwhelmed by the "perfect love". And if we don't find him, we just move on to the next one.

If we are constantly looking for perfection, instead of focusing on the most important things, it is certain that we will hardly enjoy a date. It's easier to focus on someone's weaknesses than their strengths and this causes more and more difficulties in relationships.

We are not ourselves

Another frequent mistake: we are not "authentic". This could mean we've dated the wrong person. Not showing who we really are is a sign that we do not feel comfortable with the person in front of us and that we are afraid that he will not like us.

We try to correct each other's "wrongs".

It is a big mistake to try to change them when we have only gone on a few dates with someone. It is indeed common and very feminine nature to show our care in this way. However, doing so can hurt the other person and give your relationship the wrong direction, while it could be going well.

No sex on the first date

Although opinions differ, on the subject of sex on the first date, it is better to skip it. Besides knowing where someone went on vacation or their hobby doesn't insure you about their sexual past and possible STDs. In any case it's nicer to gave sex, someone you have feelings for.

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