🐱 A tattoo you would like and ghost sightings 👻 - Ladies of Hive Community Contest #66


A easy banner that i make super quick in powerpoint 🤭


If you had to get a tattoo right now,
¿what tattoo would you choose?


This question is easy to answer for me, i've been wanting to get a cat tattoo for years (i have no idea why i haven't done it yet, ¿distractions of life, maybe?), my reason for wanting a cat tattoo is because they are my comfort animals, i love how they are and their beauty, they transmit a lot of calm to me, whenever i see a cat i smile. I currently have 3 cats living with me, my especial baby is a cat named Mau (she has been living with me for ten years), also throughout these years my family and i have been helping stray cats and that makes me very happy.

My experience living with cats is what has led me to want to get a tattoo in honor of them, because they have helped me a lot in times of stress and anxiety, my cat Mau has always been there for me when i'm not feeling well and i love her very much for that, this is my personal reason for wanting a cat tattoo, they have earned a special place in my life, i want to have something on my body that shows my appreciation towards them, to be able to smile whenever i see the tattoo remembering how much they have helped me during hard times.




¿Do you think you’ve ever encountered a ghost?


This is an interesting question, ¿have i ever met a ghost? ¿how to know? Being honest, my life has been full of curious things and mysticism from time to time, i feel that i cannot say exactly if certain things i saw were ghosts or not, but here i leave my experiences.

When i was little i was at my grandparents' house and it was night time, the door of my grandparents' bedroom had a design similar to a mirror, things could be reflected in some parts of the door, i was spinning around close to the beedroom and then i turned around and looked at the door of my grandparents' bedroom and saw the reflection of a old lady passing behind me, that left me very confused because there was no one there, ¿would that be a ghost? (i should say that i was told that my great-grandmother died in my grandparents' house, ¿Maybe it was her?)

Another experience i had (also at my grandparents' house), was that my parents once went on a trip and left me in their care, at night when i went to sleep i had many mysterious dreams and there was a moment where i was in a state between being asleep and awake, i looked towards the door that was open (at that time i was afraid of the dark and i usually left the door open so that the light from the corridor could enter the bedroom) and i could notice a person at the door, she looked like a girl, but honestly she looked a lot like me physically, ¿was she a ghost? or ¿would it also be a dream?, and if it wasn't any of that, ¿would it be that my soul left my body? honestly i couldn't tell you but it was a very strange experience.



This is my entry for the contest #66 promoted by Ladies of Hive community. I invite @marianaa21 to participate, enjoy!😊

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