Ladies of Hive Contest #85 - Handling corrections or criticisms from other people.

Greeting Ladies of Hive Community!
Nothing more better than having a day off and doing what I want. Today I come back with LOH contest #85 hosted by @ifarmgirl by answering the first question: How do you handle corrections or criticisms from other people?


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To live in life, surely we have received more criticisms from other people inlcuding our relatives, friends, co-workers and even from strangers. There are right, wrong corrections from them to us. The priority part of me need to do is about knowing myself exactly as who I am.


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If I do not understand yourself in detail, how do i know exactly what they criticisms are appropriate to me or not? Each person has their own perception and their own thinking, so do I. Criticisms always have two sides, it depends on the way we perceive it.
Most of the corrections I got in my life are about my lifestyle. I am a person who always want to get rid of the order of social. Therefore, 80% of my lifestyle is against them. For example, in my country, after graduating, youngsters always have a burden of finding out a good job, earning more money, then getting married, having kids and enjoying life. My mom sometimes asked me to get married and try to have a stable life. Whenever I travelled or went somewhere in a long time, she felt tired and gave me some advices, criticisms about my decisions. She was scared that I will not be happy if I continue doing this alone.


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So what will I do after receiving corrections or criticisms from other?

First of all, I always give a big thank and appreciation to them when they have a consideration to me like that.


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Secondly, I will not put any judgment or reaction to their words at that moment because inside us because we may not be concious to give out any decision in a very short time. And the “me” always operate with our mind, sometime our determine or our consideration are affected a lot by the “me” and our emotion.


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Thirdly,I will reflect myself with those corrections: I just spend more time to think about me and about what they said, analyse which is appropriate to me and which is not at that moment. To put any judgment without observing myself clearly is as place my head in a noose by myself.


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Finally, I will absolutely accept my mistakes and learn how to change or fix myself or actions if that criticisms is right about me at that moment. If it is not, I will give it far away from my mind lightly without any hesitance or confusion.


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Well, from what I said, it sounds mechanically but it is quite useful for me to handle such a problem like above. I would love to invite @jelenaa join with me in this contest #85 ^^. I cannot wait to listen your thought about this issue.
Have a good day @jelenaa, @ifarmgirl and all Ladies in LOH ^^
Give a big hugs to all of yaaaaa ^^

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