Ladies of Hive Contest #77 - White porridge ~My favourite food as the child.

First of all, Thank you @ladiesofhive for hosting the lovely contest #77 this week ^^. This challenge actually recalls me a lot of memories when I was a child.

I was born in the poor family in the highland where welcomes people from other areas to settle down and create new economy area here. With 3 daughters and 3 sons, my mom was struggling a lot to raise us up from the earliest day. The mom that day worked as a janitor who collects and buys some broken stuffs from others. She worked hard day after day with the hoping that we could have enough food everyday. You know, with 6 hungry mouths to feed at home, there was no way my mom can give us food fully. We that time were too small to help my mom.
For days together, we were only eaten and fed with a very special food that I never forget as well as respect that food. It has become my best favourite food in the end of my lifetime. And that food I would love to introduce all of you today is called "white porridge".


Photo by me. This is the white porridge.

What is white porridge?

Well, it is named by me when I was a child, I did not know exactly its name but not much as people eat this food, I guess.
White porridge is actually cooked from rice with water. My mom often simmered it in the fire until the rice is well-cooked and very soft to eat.

Why does this food become my best favourite food?

In order to be easier to eat for us, my mom added a little salt into the white porridge and poured out into 6 bowls, waited for it be cool and called 6 kids to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Because of eating the same food in so many days, we started getting tired of the taste of it. I and my siblings decided to add other spices into the bowl in order to eat it. We started with sugar, fish sauce, chilly… and you know, the best flavour I love to put into my bowl is the combination of sugar and salt. I could eat it from the morning to evening, from day after day without boring. Since that day, I was a fan of white porridge with sugar and salt as the main spices.


Photo by me. This is 2 spices that I love to add the white porridge.

When I grew a bit, I have just known the reason why we have to eat the white porridge in such a long time like that. My mom said to us that because of the shortage of rice and food, my mom could not cook rice to feed us. Instead of that, she turned rice into porridge. You can imagine like that: 1 cup of rice can cook to porridge to feed 6 hungry mouths while it just only feeds 2 people if we cook it into white rice. “Sometimes, I had to abstain from food to have enough food for all of you, as long as my kids are happpy and full up, it was my biggest happiness that time”, she said to me.
When listening that story from my mom, I was so moved and was unable to hold my tears but I did not let my mom see it. From that moment, I have known that nothing can compare with the unconditonal love of parents.


Photo by me. She is my sweetest mom _.

Nowadays, in order to change the order, I sometimes cook my favourite white porridge and make the video call with my mom to recall the best food such as the best memory I have got.
My childhood associated with this speical food and several memories like that. If I have had a chance to come back the past, I still would have chose white porridge to eat, to live with such a greatest mom and siblings in the difficult time. What about you, @luckylaica, @dora381, I would love to hear your story ^^.

Thank all Ladies in our community for reading my story.
My best and regards ^^

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