Of my brothers, I was the second, we are two older sisters. Then follows a ladder of a male, then another female and the last three are male.
The oldest and youngest are 15 years old.

In my childhood, there was only radio, cinema, television, magazines, books and printed newspapers. For today's young people, I imagine they would have a hard time understanding what kind of world that would be without cell phones and social networks. The communications happened at another rhythm and at another level, which is not relevant to judge or compare with the present times.


My older sister and I differed, as we grew up, in the type of relationship we established with our mother. She was and still is very close to mom... she practically stayed by her side all day talking, at times she was alone or busy studying or doing whatever. I was more independent. I liked to play with the boys and go out to the street, I was happy if they sent me to buy something alone; the brother who follows me is 4 years younger than me. My older sister never did any of these things. She didn't bother me to collaborate with the housework. My older sister always kept her hands very smooth... I think they never knew the soap to wash or clean the dishes. At first, as a child, it bothered me that she didn't do anything and she always stayed by my mom's side, now as an adult I think about that stage of my life and smile at myself. I think her attitude didn't bother me too much because she gave me the opportunity to do whatever I wanted. That she was always occupying our mother, gave me a lot of freedom... A lot of court!!!
She was never aggressive. It seems to me that my character has always been more explosive. However, I don't like to fight and strong arguments have been very few in my life. I must admit that my tolerance level is low for what I don't like. Although I don't like to express openly if I don't like something. But if it repeats often... Get ready!!!
When I became a teenager... Oh my God!!! As I liked and I like to dance.
In my country; For more or less three decades, a tradition was maintained among adolescents of holding parties in the middle of the afternoon, which we called "Matinée". They did not last long, because they were almost always hidden from the parents or representatives of those who attended those dances. I did not miss the opportunity to attend, every time I could escape to one of those "matinees". On the other hand, my older sister never did such a thing.
Around that time I met my partner, who is the father of my three children and with whom I lived for 18 years. I must confess that he protected me, since, in those years of my life, in a certain way I was at great risk.
From my relationship with him, I began to write, because we sent each other letters, for about 5 years.


Also with him the love for natural places awoke in me. Especially the beaches and the mountains.
We both learned together to eat more naturally.
We finally parted ways, not everything is perfect.
To conclude, I can say that I was the second born, and also that my sister was so withdrawn and so close to my mother; she made me more resolute, in a way more daring than all my brothers.
That has allowed me to have a personality open to changes; with a good capacity to face the challenges that are presented to me.


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