I Really Come To Life At Night!

Ever since I was little, I have always struggled with getting up early. I guess being told you had to get up to go school, is enough to turn a lot of us off rising early! Unless you actual enjoyed school. It is always easier to get up when you have to do something you love.


As I have gotten older, I have realized that it is all a case, of mind over matter and if I need to get up early, I can. I just tell myself so and it happens. We are our own masters after all and it is our thoughts that create our reality

Even so, there is no denying, that my time is definitely at night. I have always loved being out in the dark, there is a certain magic to it and even more magical, when you are still awake in the early hours of the morning! These are the hours where the veil is weakness, so they say and that has always appealed to me!

I have always loved to stay up telling stories, playing music as the moon illuminates the sky. There is something so empowering about howling to a full moon. Embracing your inner wildness!It really makes me feel so free.

There was a time in my late teens and through out my twenties, when I had to get up just before 6a.m every morning in order to get to work. This I never found easy, I literally had to drag myself out of bed, get dressed and grab some breakfast. Whilst I put myself on a bus or train, listening to music always helped me deal with this, if I was on the underground, I would be standing at the back, eyes closed, lost in the music, swaying along to the music!

I found this way of life exhausting in so many ways. I longed for the weekends of days off, when I could do, as I wish, stay up late, or just stay up and be with my crew. Most of my time off was spend at parties, especially squat parties, when I lived in London. I loved staying up till the next morning, dancing my way through the night.


But I was in fact living two extremes, and in the end I burnt out. One can't be burning the candle at both ends for too long! My partying, was an attempt to escape from the rat race, whilst partaking in it. But you can never really escape something that you are a part of.

Now, now I live a completely different life, I understand and embrace the rhythm of live that suits me best. Neither myself or my girls like to rise early. They are home educated, so they get up, when they wake up naturally. The same for me. I have my time at night, to be creative and to be active on here.

I find, that I really come to life at night. My imagination is much more active and as a result my creativity soars. I certainly get inspired during the day and I can feel very energetic during the day, but my energy natural rises at night.

It is just, how it is and I am really grateful, that I can live in a way that allows me to embrace my own natural flow. To not have to force myself to go against it!


This is my entry into the Ladies Of Hive Community Contest, where you have the choice to answer either, or both of the following questions -

  1. Money or fame? What is worth more to you?

  2. Early Bird or Night Owl? Early to rise or Late to sleep?

I think you can guess which one I answered lol. I would like to invite @riverflows and @porters to take part as well. And all you wonderful women, on this platform, if you have not yet checked out the Ladies Of Hive Community, please do!





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